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Colts add new logo


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50 minutes ago, Soggust said:

I like the changes overall. /shrug

Ya I really don't understand what's so bad about it. It's a secondary logo that will barely be showing up on the collar of the uniform. Beyond that they made improvements to the font of the letters and numbers. 

People must really be looking for a reason to hate on something today. 

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1 hour ago, scar988 said:

I don't get why people hate ATL on the Falcons jerseys. It's literally what the city itself has gone by for probably 30 years now. 

It's the fact that it's trying to look like a basketball jersey instead of a football one. I don't care about the nickname itself.

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1 minute ago, ninjapirate said:

The colts are from maryland that's their home state not indiana. You dont move somewhere in your 30s and pretend you're from that place now.

Accurate statement from start to finish? Maybe. Does it represent the complete opposite of reality where barely anyone from Indiana wants to remember they are from Maryland? And do tons of people move into new cities in thier 30's and preach they are from there? yes yes and yes.

I mean the first cowboys team was actually formed in Kansas City. Does we care though

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