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Colts add new logo


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1 minute ago, INbengalfan said:

Maybe on a ball cap or t-shirt.  If they used this on the jersey, maybe a sleeve.  No way they use it on the helmets

Agreed.  It's probably just a secondary logo...but, even still, it's hideous and looks like a child created it.

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5 minutes ago, Danger said:

Literally my first thought was "MS Paint"

I don't disagree with you at all. It's not great, but that's the go-to line every time a new logo or uniform is revealed lol. 

It's like the Denzel Washington gif that people rush to use first when someone random is trending on Twitter during the COVID crisis. 

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Good god that is hideous. I didn't think they could make their logo any uglier.

I'm so glad when the Titans changed their uniforms, they only did that tiny corner change on the numbers to reflect the state, nothing ridiculous like what we are seeing here or the "ATL" for the Falcons jerseys. Sheesh.

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