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Day 1 Draft Discussion


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Hey guys, you'll notice this thread is locked.  I am going to open the thread the morning of the draft.  I'll also be making a Day 2 and Day 3 thread right after the draft ends the day before.

I also wanted to say that both Buzz and I have been extremely pleased with how all of you have been interacting in the threads in the lead up to the draft.  We can all get excited when defending our guy.  We have had to give zero warnings with minimal comments as to behavior.  Thank y'all for making our job easy.  

Keep it up guys.

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4 minutes ago, Teen Girl Squad said:

Draft day, one of my favorite days of the year. Lets not let the quarantine spoil our most sacred draft day ritual:


Rozelle seemed to take a sort of demented pleasure from announcing those Jets picks in front of the Jets fans. It is really funny to watch.

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45 minutes ago, Blue said:

Fascinated to see where Tua lands. He'd be a Day 3 pick if he played receiver or running back, but I guess everybody LOVES them a short pocket passer with a long history of lower body injuries.

With amazing accuracy, ball placement, ability to read defenses, and the always popular "moxie".  The injury concerns are obviously valid, but let's not act like he's not an elite talent when healthy.  It would be a legit argument at #1 between him and Burrow if he doesn't have the hip injury.

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