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Official Training Camp Thread


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With camp right around the corner, thought I would start up this thread.

According to Maiocco, Richie James has been placed on the Reserve/Covid-19 list. Doesn't necessarily mean he has tested positive for Covid, just could have been around someone that did recently. 

Big question of course is will or will not Kittle have a deal before the season? 




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Kittle will get his money. He has all the leverage. The offense runs through him, and he's the most important player on the team other than Jimmy G or Nick Bosa. At worst, he gets it done before the start of the season...if there even is one. 

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One way that franchises can differentiate themselves this year is by how they handle their travel arrangements 

49ers used to fly 'first class'. eddie D would have the team traveling in style. 

Jed needs to be renting out entire hotels and really spreading everyone out

Lets fly two separate planes, and try to not put all of our eggs in one basket

I really think it makes the most sense to stay east between weeks 2/3, that was the original plan, it will be interesting to see how we handle this

Players talk, teams that have problems handling the new travel arrangements will be viewed negatively. 

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