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Who to Start/Sit Thread

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2 minutes ago, N4L said:

Should I play goedert vs Dallas or Hunter Henry vs den? 


Normally I like to see a guy come back before putting him in the lineup, but Dallas... 

TE is a crapshoot this year, I have Jonnu Smith and worry about his production on a weekly basis. Id be viewing it as a coinflip situation, Whoever you pick hope for the TD.

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2 hours ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

Pick 2 Non-PPR

Gio vs Tennessee 

Hollywood vs Pittsburgh 

D. Henderson vs Miami

T Higgins vs Tennessee 

I would bench a Hollywood for sure. I’d start Henderson and, the decision comes for me between the 2 Bengals. I really like Higgins a lot but I have a hard time benching an RB who is in line for as much work as Gio will likely get and with it being standard, I’d lean Gio. If it was PPR, I’d probably say Higgins 

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51 minutes ago, EaglesPeteC said:

Who should I shoot my shot on in a second PPR flex spot? 

Mike Williams vs DEN

Jalen Reagor vs DAL

Scottie Miller vs NYG 

think reagor has the highest boom potential, williams probably the safer floor.

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Start 2 PPR 

Jamal Williams vs Minnesota 

Robert Woods @ Miami 

Nelson Agholor @ Cleveland 


* OR do I play all 3 and sit CEH???? Would Andy Reid actually let Bell dominate the backfield in touches and goal line work against his former team or is it business as usual???  (CONSPIRACY THEORY)


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3 hours ago, holt_bruce81 said:

Ppr....pick 2....

Josh Jacobs @ Cleveland

Boston Scott vs Dallas

Jamaal Williams vs Minnesota

Actually thinking about playing Williams and Scott over Jacobs but that’s dumb right? But Jacobs hasn’t looked to good lately. 

I’m in a similar situation myself. I’m thinking of playing Agholor over Woods. Sometimes you have to go with the matchup. 

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