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WK 1 : Let it die

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So this man is 5-0 vs the Skins, but now they have no name?



This man is Healthy for Week 1 🤑


Tumbling Desean Jackson GIF by NFL



This man is Your Daddy!


philadelphia eagles dancing GIF by NFL




This Man is Still Broken

philadelphia eagles hello GIF by NBA


Yes this man stood to close to Alshon

miles sanders football GIF by NFL


But we will always Have these












@ Washington


Yes we have no Name, but we still know our role!


The Simpsons Redskins GIF by FOX Sports Southwest


Snyder on the Redskins name be like....!!


Digging The Rock GIF by WWE


Yep my thoughts exactly! 


Im Out GIF by NFL


If I only knew before my dance


Washington Redskins Football GIF by NFL


The WFT will always have these .....

bouncing boobs GIF







Let the season begin!





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Going to be interesting. 1st game of the year, no preseason anything is possible TBH. Yes we own the Redskins excuse me Nameless Potatoes but with all of the injuries already pilled up (before the game even starts), i"m sure there will be more honestly not liking our chances. 

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