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Spinning Tires: Steelers 2021 Offseason and Beyond...


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And lets go over something real quick:

~ As @Dcash4has already said, Dupree was more a beneficiary of Heyward, Tuitt, Watt's play.  Additionally Dupree and Watt dropped into coverage at about the same rate (under 1% difference) so saying "he drops into coverage more" is a bit of a misleading statement.

~ With Bud's league leading single and unblocked rate, his production can be reproduced at a much lesser cost than what Dupree is going to cost.  Especially if you want to rotate in Hightower and give Watt 90% of the snaps on his side, you would want Hightower to get at least 40% of the snaps, which means Dupree will only play about 70%.  Spending a near $20mil AAV for someone to play 70% of the snaps is a waste of money.

~ If you let Dupree walk, EDGE player isn't a huge need that explodes up the board due to Hightower.  

~ Turning to the WR's. Johnson lead the league in drops, and not by 1 or 2.  Honestly his play was benching worthy and abysmal.  How he wasn't demoted to WR4 is head scratching.  Claypool in a way was sorta the offensive version of Dupree.  Didn't see a ton of safety help, got some LB coverage at times, even scored some on massive misdirection plays.  Can he make a step up?  Possibly.  Washington is JAG.  McCloud is a gadget guy only.

~ So if you let Juju walk, getting a WR rockets up the board of needs.  Yes we would still lack the true #1 with Juju here, but the advantage of having him here is you have, theoretically if used correctly, 4 WR's that can line up at the X, Y, or Z and the advantage is being able to put in any WR in any position and they have to account for them.

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5 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

Idk wtf to do with my AB and Juju jerseys now......

Dude, my AB, my Bell, my JuJu.....

Only current player I have is Ben...

(Secretly I was wearing my Bell some last year. It's the 2017[?] salute to service black with the camo numbers. It's so awesome. I hope we sign a player named Bell who wears 26 again.)


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12 minutes ago, warfelg said:

The lack of defense here is problematic.

Im an offensive kinda guy 😎

Honestly though I am not sure who to get next, and after my run of 3 jersey in a row leaving the team I am terrified of my next purchase. Im not a trench number guy, but I think TJ is a lock for years to come so he would at least be safe. I loath the number 18 on a jersey or else I would get DJ's (prob gonna be a fantasy favorite of mine for a while). Maybe Claypool? 

I think its gonna have to be Minkah. Fit's my skill position want and should be a career guy in black and gold from here on out. I have also enjoyed 39 since FWP days (was my first jersey). If Edmunds was a stud I would prob grab his. 34 is a top 5 number IMO. Right below 27....but I am not picking up a Marcus Allen jersey....

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50 minutes ago, warfelg said:

The lack of defense here is problematic. I got Timmons, Heyward, Tuitt, Watt, Polamalu, Haden, Taylor, Ben, Brown, Pouncey. 

I've got Watt & Polamalu in addition to Ben, AB, and Juju, I've also got somewhere around 12 Terrible towels and a collection of Cards y'all might enjoy.

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7 minutes ago, warfelg said:

Chiefs released both Mitchell Schwartz and Eric Fisher. Some good OTs might slide in the draft. 

My bold prediction  after the super bowl was that we don't see the Chiefs back in the championship any time soon. They are completely re-doing their offensive line this offseason. They were (still might be?) over the cap with 4 of their top 7 cap hits being defensive players on a bad defense. Gonna be interesting in KC....

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