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Better WR Right Now: Davante Adams or DeAndre Hopkins


Who's better right now between these two WR's   

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  1. 1. Who's better right now between these two WR's 

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On 3/8/2021 at 12:52 PM, SBLIII said:


Adams wasn't seen in the NFC Championship game and plays with an elite QB. Hopkins produced with terrible QBs consistently.

9 catches 67 yards and a TD isn't being seen?

Adams postseason career - 6.3 rec/gm 82.0 yds/gm 0.8 TDs/gm

Hopkins postseason career - 6.2 rec/gm 74.3 yds/gm 0.2 TD/gm

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For those of you who talk about the QB situation, Adams played 8 games in 2017 with Brett Hundley and had 543 yds and 5 TDs in a year where he played 14 games and had 883 yds and 9TDs. He's production was pretty much the same with either Rodgers or Hundley.

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On 3/3/2021 at 8:44 AM, Pugger said:

Adams, because the rest of our WR corps isn't stellar so he gets almost all of the defenses' attention and still puts up ridiculous numbers.  I would think AZ has a better WR group overall.

GB has a better WR group when nobody else in AZ even managed 650 receiving yards?

  • Christian Kirk is a poor-man's Nelson Agholor
    • He has a game like he did in 2019 against Tampa, where he finished with 138 yards and 3 TDs, and then gives you hope that he can play in the NFL. 
      • He had exactly ZERO TDs and averaged 9 yards per reception across the rest of the season. Also had a REALLY bad catch rate in most games. 
    • He averages less than 50 yards per game across his career, and 2020 was actually his worst season in that regard.
    • He has yet to reach 710 receiving yards in any season, and finished 2020, his healthiest season, with a whopping 621 yards.
    • Not a regular deep threat, drops a lot of passes, plays in the slot... literally a poor-man's Agholor.
  • Larry Fitzgerald creates almost no separation.
    • Fitz had 409 yards in 2020 and he's 37 years old.
    • Our RB, Chase Edmonds, was a more effective option in the passing game.
      • Larry had a 75% catch rate versus Edmonds' 79%. 
      • Larry and Edmonds both had 7.6 yards per reception.
      • Larry still finished with 409 yards to Edmonds' 402. Good for Larry.
    • He still has amazing hands, and he's incredibly reliable on 3rd-down if we make sure that there aren't any DBs within a mile.
    • We keep him around because he's the greatest sports player in the history of the Valley of the Sun, but he's well past his glory days. 
      • He's great in the locker-room and in the community, and we love Larry. He's no longer a viable starting WR.
  • Andy Isabella has nearly played himself out of the NFL.
    • For someone who's supposed to be our deep threat, he's had two deep plays across two seasons. 
      • He had an 88-yarder in 2019. He managed 101 receiving yards TOTAL across the other 14 games.
      • He had a 54 yarder in 2020. He finished with 170 yards and 8.5 yards per reception for the rest of the season.
    • He couldn't managed to beat out the guys in our WR room for playing time. That's sad when we had 621 and 409 yards from our #2 and #3 WRs.
    • Across two years, Isabella (the guy that we drafted over Metcalf) has 413 career receiving yards.
  • KeeSean Johnson is an injury-prone former 6th-round pick
    • 360 career receiving yards. 
    • 10 yards per reception.
    • Played in 18 of 32 games.
  • Trent Sherfield has been a non-factor on offense. 
    • Former UDFA with 130 yards across the last two seasons, despite playing in every game.
  • Well what about the TEs?
    • Dan Arnold just had on of our team's best TE seasons ever!
      • 31 receptions, 438 yards. That's a top-7 receiving season All-Time for a Cardinals TE, second-best season since we've been in AZ.
      • The great HOFer Jackie Smith had five seasons that were better, back in the 70s.
      • Rob Housler had 8 more receptions and 16 more yards than Arnold back in 2013.
      • Again, only 438 yards. And then he left for Carolina.
        • He was a terrible blocker anyways.
    • As for other TEs, Maxx Williams is a great blocker but irrelevant as a receiver.
      • He has 801 career receiving yards in six seasons. 
      • Let me rephrase. 39 career starts. 12.0 yards per GAME.

Yeah, Green Bay's receiving room is better than AZ.

Like, literally: MVS > Kirk, Lazard > 37-year-old Fitzgerald, Tonyan > Arnold.

Adams also has a better QB than Hopkins. While Hopkins did have the promising young Kyler Murray in 2020, Murray is hardly a finished product. Here's a list of the passers that Hopkins has played with since entering the NFL:

  1. Matt Schaub (8 starts)
  2. Case Keenum (10 starts)
  3. TJ Yates (5 starts)
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick (12 starts)
  5. Ryan Mallet (6 starts)
  6. Arian Foster (1-1 for 5 yards and a TD... impressive)
  7. Tom Savage (9 starts)
  8. Brian Hoyer (9 starts)
  9. Brandon Weeden (1 start)
  10. Brock Osweiler (14 starts)
  11. Deshaun Watson (37 starts)
  12. AJ McCarron (1 start)
  13. Kyler Murray (16 starts)
  14. Chris Streveler (0 starts, but played when Murray went down with an injury in both weeks 16 and 17).

So yes, while D-Hop has 3 seasons of good QB play, he also has 5 seasons of BAD. And across all of those seasons, he's managed over 10,000 receiving yards. Julio is the only other player with 10,000+ yards in that span.

If you only include DeAndre Hopkins' numbers since Davante Adams entered the NFL, here's how they stack up (2014-present):

Adams: 546 receptions, 6,568 yards, 62 TDs

Hopkins (2014-present): 695 receptions, 9,207 yards, 58 TDs

You're literally looking at a difference of nearly 150 receptions, nearly 3,000 receiving yards in Hopkins' favor, and 4 TDs' in Adams' favor.

Both DeAndre Hopkins and Davante Adams are insanely productive with teams dialed-in on them, though. Hopkins had 115 receptions for 1407 yards when no other player on his team reached even half of that. Also generated this play:


Nuk was robbed of a 1st-team All-Pro in 2020.

The dude's highlight reel doesn't really compare to any other active WR. More acrobatic catches, more jaw-dropping moments. Even his playstyle. He essentially adds extra yards to the side of the field. He's the best in the league at pulling interference calls, too. The best hands in the NFL, or if not, then maybe the second-best, behind Michael Thomas. He's a monster after the catch, he can push defenses before the catch, he can go up and get the ball... he can literally beat you in every area of the field. He was the Cards' primary deep threat this past season.

He has 3 first-team All-Pros in the last 4 seasons, and the one season that he didn't, he still had 115 receptions for over 1,400 yards.

  • Davante Adams is an incredible football player. 
  • DeAndre Hopkins is the best WR in the NFL.
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On 3/29/2021 at 11:00 AM, HoboRocket said:


Nuk was robbed of a 1st-team All-Pro in 2020.


Who's he make it in front of?  On a per game basis all 3 of Diggs, Adams and Hill were more productive.  Were the voters supposed to weigh games played more than TDs?

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I voted for Adams.  The question was for right now and there is simply no comparing their 2020 seasons.  Adams scored THREE TIMES as many TDS and he did so playing in 2 fewer games.  I'm a HUGE Nuk fan but on a per game basis Adams was the better player.  

I don't care much about any career comparisons given the drastic difference in career paths and opportunity.  Adams has started in 30 fewer games over his career because of injuries and a loaded depth chart that had 2 pro bowl WRs on it when he was drafted.  He didn't get a WR1 target share or lead his own team in targets until year 5 of his career (Nuk was top 5 in the NFL in targets by year 3).  And while Aaron Rodgers was a MVP this year we're forgetting that he a very ordinary QB in the 2 seasons prior.  Adams career year was partially responsible for Rodger's resurgence.  


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On 3/28/2021 at 1:44 PM, BlaqOptic said:

I think I can put Nuk on any team in the league and he'd ball out. I don't feel like I can say the same about Adams, although he's tough and would succeed on a lot of teams.

lol what

in what world does elite release, route running and body control not translate across systems.

He's literally the ideal WR to succeed in any system...

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Adams is the better receiver overall.  

Hopkins has had the better career.

But for right now?  It's Adams.  His release off the LOS is simply a thing of beauty.  And though he isn't straight line fast, he's one of the quickest receivers in short spaces and he runs beautiful routes.

And I've got much respect for Hopkins.  

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