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Lavonte David remains a Super Bowl champ - re-signs for 5 years/$25M ($20M gtd); the last three years voidable


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Just now, djw4bucs said:

Apparently only 3.5 mil cap hit this year, someone in our front office is a genius 

It's not team-specific genius - it's just going to be the MO for most deals this year, because of the insane gap between the 2021 cap & 2022-23 cap numbers.   Remember that the 2021 cap pre-Covid was supposed to be 210M+ or so.   The new 188M number (up from 175M) is because of the one-time Covid stadium attendance $ losses - all recouped in 2021.     2022's cap was estimated to be 220M pre-new TV $.   That's the likely floor, and the actual number is likely a LOT higher.  So it makes sense for teams to backload heavily this year.

I know it was mentioned a few weeks ago that Tampa doesn't backload deals - but restructures and backloaded deals are going to be the norm this year, because of the crazy gap between 2021 & 2022-23 caps.    There's pretty much no reason not to do it - because the gap between 2021 & 2022 makes it smart business.   Keep your best guys, and you're still in good shape for 2022+.   This isn't the cap-hell backload & restructure-fest that teams have done with little to no regard for the future.  The actual cap structure with 2021 & 2022-23 encourages this.

I said before that Tampa GM Licht would go this way to keep the key core guys for 2021+ - given the cap savings for 2021 with David, and Godwin locked in, it would be a shocker to see Barrett go anywhere else.  

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8 minutes ago, FinSting said:

Wherever Brady goes, players sign for less than market value to stay with him. 

yeah because they know they have about a 50% chance of going to the SB and 30% chance of winning it. I would return too.

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