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the free agent frenzy 2021 - a thread to discuss what teams with money are doing with it

how many big splsahes gute gonna make today  

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  1. 1. how many

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Thanks for starting the thread, and the extensive list. It’s a really interesting offseason for teams that have cap to burn. Hopefully there is a feeding frenzy on the top guys and we can do some bargain shopping for role players who make us better. 

I don’t know what Golden Tate has left, probably not much if NY let him go but him close to his prime I think would be great in a LaFleur offense. He’s not huge, but tough as hell and shifty and plays clutch. I still have to to spit out of obligation every time I hear his name but would route for him if he wore the green and gold. 

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38 minutes ago, Packerraymond said:

4/72 according to Schefter. Good keep for the Bucs.

It's really a shame though.  What with TPA bring all its top talent back....they've now set themselves up to be the recipient of massive injuries . 
You can almost hear those ACLs popping now :) 

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