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4 minutes ago, warfelg said:

Yea I want Hamlin and Vincent in the next two picks.

This might be a bit unfair but I would be high on Kary Vincent Jr., if he were Troy Vincent's son.  The first thing I looked for on his wiki page.

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2 hours ago, August4th said:

guys thoughts on this?

notice these NFL draft analyst seem to act very "meh" with how the steelers been doing things lately, I wish we could get colbert on one of their postcast for a hr to debate one of these guys

I like following Jon, but those ideas are good in a vacuum. Doesn’t mean they are always practical.

67% of the top 12 producing RBs were taken in the first 45 picks. Taking the best RB at 24 is different than taking the best RB at 12. The narrative is to wait, but the narrative is wrong. The sweet spot is grabbing first round talent in the early second...we didn’t have an early second and would have missed all top 3 backs by waiting.

TE is a wasteland across the league, but the places that have difference makers have nightmarish options against defense. If you have a guy you think can be that and you got him in the second? Awesome.

We didn’t have to prioritize drafting lineman before when we had lineman. We didn’t have to prioritize drafting corners whenever we had corners. Bush made an incredible difference early in the year and a highly drafted ILB is the exact reason the Tampa Bay defense (Jon’s current team for coverage) was so damn good in the playoffs. 

Good points in a vacuum...not always practical. 

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1 minute ago, Cbrunn said:

I was with em all draft until that pick 

Meh he probably don't even make the final 53 , maybe as the 4th tackle if they carry 4

He's developmental like the center, but he has upside on the left side. 

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I’m still pretty surprised we went 4 straight offensive players, but there’s still some decent names in the FA pool at both edge and CB. Not so much on the offensive side. 

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