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Just now, Tk3 said:

season ain't over man

they'll keep knocking people out - then eventually people will get wise and they will pick the Texans to win - at which point the Texans wiill lose

Perhaps. Could happen sooner than later.

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15 minutes ago, TXsteeler said:

Like 3 or 4 Fbombs in the background of the steelers game. Gruden is PISSED.

edit: wrong thread. Rip mobile issues.

Lots of people taking advantage of the loosened edit rules, but rolling the dice every time.

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There a few nervy moments, but by and large, it was a relatively quiet week 2. A Detroit upset would double the victims.

CLE 37 34.6%
TAM 17 15.9%
GRB 16 15.0%
DEN 7 6.5%
ARI 5 4.7%
SEA 5 4.7%
NWE 4 3.7%
WAS 4 3.7%
NOR 2 1.9%
PIT 2 1.9%
BUF 1 0.9%
CIN 1 0.9%
HOU 1 0.9%
LAR 1 0.9%
MISSING 4 3.7%
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