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Week 5 GDT: Titans @ Jaguars


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16 minutes ago, -Hope- said:

my god, i remember when you were our resident optimist. this team truly breaks the best of us. 😭

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It hurts. I think the high of our 2020 playoff run had me thinking we could somehow catch that magic again. At least we had things to rely on in previous years even though we had severe weaknesses. I feel like we have nothing to actually fall back on this year. It really worries me. This team seems systematically broken. Our draft misses combined with injuries and age in the wrong places has really caught up to us. I want to be wrong and I hope we can turn it around, but I am worried the magic has run out and the reality has set in. Who knows though, we are so weird. I could see us beating the Bills and Chiefs then losing to the Colts. But then again, I just truly believe we are too discombobulated to beat teams like the Chiefs and Bills. 

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Really hope we get some more guys back for Monday Night 

Still see some unhappy people in here 

Long way to go 

Yes Bowen/Vrabels D does suck 

Offense still needs work 

Never going to be perfect and there is still things to work on for sure 

2-0 in the division 

1st place in the AFC South

Lets hope Baltimore wins tomorrow night 

Time to prepare for the back to back games against 2 of the best in the AFC

Next Monday’s in Nashville let’s hope the crowd is rocking 

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what little i saw of farley was a mixed bag- flashes of his talent combined with getting roasted. which is of course not surprising, but it would've been really nice for him to get more of that PT early to start tightening things up to be a contributor down the stretch. he might get tossed into the fire these next two weeks now and it could get ugly.

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Continuing on my being positive crusade...we won!!! I know it wasn't always pretty, but as last week shows us a win is a win!!

I am not mad that we don't look good, now is not the time to peak...so hopefully at some point we peak!!! 

Enjoy the week, because we have two tough ones coming up. TITAN UP!!!

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Henry is on pace to blast past the most carries in a season. If he stays at this rate he will end up with 450. He has never started a season with this many carries. Hope we don’t run him into an injury or just grind him to burn out before the playoffs. This is another thing that could become increasingly concerning. I know he is a beast but if we lose him yea, we will really be looking at some ugly Sunday’s. We gotta figure out a way to slow down his usage. 

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