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2021: The Offseason of Discontent


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Joel Sherman -  Like the Mets teamed potential 2021-22 offseason free agent shortstops Francisco Lindor and Javy Baez (at least briefly), the Rangers are doing the same with Corey Seager and Marcus Semien, but for the long term. The combined cost: a half a bilion dollars.

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Is Gausman a better player to bet on than Ray? 

I mean I think there is risk involved in signing either but since my team just had one for a year and half and decided to sign the other for basically the same deal I am curious if there is a consensus? 

Ray has at other points in his career looked like an elite pitcher and had reverted back to maybe the single worst starting pitcher at points in his career. What are the chances that this change is different and he’s figured it out moving forward? 

Gausman had been sort of a below average to mediocre to sometimes solid pitcher most of his career never really hitting the highs of Ray but not ever hitting the lows throughout a majority of his career until his time in San Francisco. Obviously I worry about regression here too but I have to believe he’s at least a safer bet. 

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