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2022 Head Coach Thread


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16 minutes ago, Pastor Dillon said:

Two teams have hired but no one we interviewed has been hired yet. 

Gut feeling tells me it's Gannon or Flores - Flores is waiting to hear on the NYG job, and has the Texans as his backup option. Gannon is the choice if Flores goes to the G-Men.

So, if this is my gut feeling... we should be expecting Josh McCown as HC with his brother Luke McCown as OC.

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Patrick Storm started looking into the Texans private jet flight plans and has see it going around the country the past week. I think that’s how this O’Connell interview came about. The plan was in Florida, and the NE within the past week. Just go check his TL out 

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I’m gonna say something that is not popular. I kinda low key LOVE the idea of Mccown. The dude has had the chance to see inside a ton of franchises in his playing career. I read the other day that he gave Emmett smith his last hand off and threw Fitzgerald his first pass…..

but man I think if he makes the correct hires for the coordinator positions, especially offense, I think he can be a player’s coach and really turn into something special. 

and if it doesn’t, I mean we are at the beginning of a rebuild anyway. 

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