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AFC Wildcard GDT: #7 Pittsburgh @ #2 Kansas City


Who wins today?  

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    • Steelers - just checking, you're sure you're clicking Pittsburgh, right?
    • Chiefs

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Won't lie, I'm pretty bummed that IND & LAC lost last week - because I didn't think LV would go far, and I would have loved to see IND-BUF 2 and LAC-KC 3.   Oh well, we get this instead.   Whatevs (don't take umbrage Steeler fans, it's Herbert-Mahomes).

Keys to the game:

-Can PIT sustain drives against KC's D?   DEN gave the blueprint - but PIT's OL was not able to sustain a run game, and Big Ben's limitations really allow KC to play a short field.

-Can PIT's D limit KC's O?    No CEH and Darrel Williams with turf toe means run-game wise, Derrick Gore could have a huge day (DFS play baby!).   Is Tyreek OK?  If not, then PIT can mirror what DEN did and take out Kelce.   Mahomes is still great, but you make him beat you with the Pringles/Robinsons of the world, it gets a lot easier to limit the O production.

It makes me nervous given how poorly the PIT O played last time - but I took PIT +13.5 with no belief they'll win, outside of a 2+ or 3+ TO differential game, but the believe they could keep it close something like a a 27-17 game (with a late backdoor cover).   I'll be upfront in that I'll always watch the game - but might be turning in for an early evening with work tomorrow and a huge snowstorm coming (hopefully it's not a KC storm of pts like BUF laid on NE last night lol).

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In order for the Steelers to have a chance, TJ Watt have to literally be the best player on the field. I think that might not even be enough if Big Ben cant turn back the clock and be the old Big Ben instead of being the OLD Big Ben. The Steelers need to score at least 24pts with their defense dominating for them to have a real chance to win. I do have the Chiefs winning though bc I dont trust the Steelers to score 24pts heck they might not score 16pts. Mahomes wont have to be spectacular he just need to take what the defense gives him and let Kelce and the other weapons get the ball in their hands and make plays. The defense will be all over the Steelers and I think this game will be an easy win for the Chiefs. It wont be as lopsided as it was when they met in the regular season but the Chiefs should still win and it shouldnt feel like the Steelers were even threatening at all.  

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3 minutes ago, Xenos said:

Can anyone stop Kelce though?

If Reek is ineffective it’s possible. 

I just saw Denver play Kc really close and I feel like Pittsburgh is built similarly though slightly better.

Not saying Pittsburgh WILL win but it’s totally possible 

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