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Stafford versus Rivers


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4 minutes ago, Towerbridge said:

If Stafford wins the SB, he's got a very slight chance to make the HOF.

How do you compare him to Rivers who probably has a better shot at the hall of Fame but no rings or even Super Bowl appearances 

I don't understand how Rivers has a better shot at making the HoF. They are both in the same category as far as I'm concerned.

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I'm not putting Stafford in SB win or not. I'm not putting Rivers in but he was a much better quarterback. A SB win may have pushed him over the top.

I don't understand the obsession everybody has with finding reasons to put players in the HoF. Is it a "this-generation" thing? Like instead of starting from "No, you're not a Hall of Famer" and then having to build a case to prove the player SHOULD be, people start from "Hell yeah Hall of Famer!" and then only an overwhelming argument against that will change their minds.

I just hate that we can't accept that sometimes a player can be really good, we can admit that they're really good, acknowledge that they're really good, but they don't belong in the freaking Hall of Fame. High standards is GOOD for a Hall of Fame.

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Idk if Stafford is a HOF'er even with a  SB win here. That team is so loaded that it's probably going to be too little late. Guys this era that are getting in with a single ring are Brees and Rodgers who are a solid step above Stafford. And the guys close to Staffords level like Ben and Eli who have two rings and needed them for their HOF case (and Eli is still going to be contentious)

At this point he's a guy with one Pro Bowl who MIGHT get a ring. 

Rivers isn't one either. No guy without either a ring, an MVP, or an All Pro has ever made it and Rivers doesn't have one. His only argument at all is that he's better than Eli who if he gets in is going to be about his post season resume not regular season. 

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I just think these tweener guys sandwiched between the Mahomes era and the Brady/Manning era in terms of age, just have no shot. They will take that gap of weak QB play and cast ballots for other more deserving guys at other positions. You just did not have a strong crop behind the 04 QB class… AND you had Brees/Rogers amongst that crop. That 2010-20 class is just not strong at all until Mahomes came on. There is a void there that will be filled by the guys since retired or soon to be retiring.

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1 minute ago, Danger said:

Stafford > Rivers with or without a Super Bowl.

The Ring would just put away all doubts.

I'm not sure what case there is for Stafford being better than Rivers unless you're doing some heavy adjusting for supporting cast while simultaneously downplaying Megatron

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