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Dan Snyder Drama thread

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2 hours ago, Slappy Mc said:

You guys remember like right after the investigation was "finished" that a report came out that Beth Wilkinson's recommendation was that Dan Snyder be forced to sell the team and the NFL immediately squashed that notion...

WFT isn't the only one that doesn't want the "report" to see the light of day. 

How awesome would it be if Beth Wilkinson came out with the results herself and took the ball out of the NFLs court. 

Its clear the corruption leads all the way into the staff for the NFL. 

No, I never saw that.  Would love to see links or some kind of evidence.  

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5 minutes ago, naptownskinsfan said:

No, I never saw that.  Would love to see links or some kind of evidence.  

This is what I was able to find.



First one is the initial report for them forcing him to sell and the second is the NFL rebutting the report. 

Articles appear to be written same day, so the response was immediate or close to.

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