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Around the NFL - 2022 edition


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5 hours ago, 49ersfan said:

Remember when Chris Ballard & Brian Gutekunst rebuffed the 49ers GM opening in 2017? 

Think we came out ahead on that one 

I know some people from another forum who think Ballard is a genius, great drafting, etc.... Yet look at them lmao, and Gutekunst isn't anything special IMO.

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3 minutes ago, jonnguy2015 said:

To be honest, I'd rather play them after a draining come-from-behind win on a short week rather than playing an angry Brady after two straight losses

Yeah I was just thinking that. Maybe by Foolsbrawl Gawds' logic this works out better. Get a little diazepam injected into that franchise, after their season looked grim, and then smash them to bits while they're high as a kite on cloud 9. 


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4 minutes ago, Chrissooner49er said:


They already ruined one Sooner QB as I recall...Sam Bradford sure didn't seem to get good protection. But then there is a thing called non-contact injuries and Sam suffered those. 

They can't ruin this one. He's not all that good lol

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