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Week 4 MNF: Seattle Seahawks (2-1) at NY Giants (1-2)


Who wins tonight?  

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  1. 1. Who wins tonight?

    • Seahawks
    • Giants
    • We all win - football for 1 more game
    • I just want everyone to have fun
    • I just want choas. Pure, unadulterated chaos
    • I'm just happy there won't be any Taylor Swift or Britanny Mahomes cameo shots tonight

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You know the drill

NYG's missing Saquon Barkley, and their D has struggled both against the run & pass.   Home game, and Brian Daboll gets the most of his team, but tall order.

On the flip side, SEA's far from a complete team - their pass D has really struggled this year, and now they're without their nickel and top 2 backup CB's.    Could be a big game for Danny Dimes to show if he can pull a win on his own shoulders, rather than be a cog in the machine that's centered around Saquon, or to continue the whispers on how wise it was to extend him to big $ (as a DEN fan, I know all too well that dilemna now lol).

And the biggest part - no Taylor Swift tonight.   

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1 hour ago, Broncofan said:

Barring injury....seems like a tall order. 

Against Seattle's defense, yeah. However, as a Waller fantasy owner, his production seems to go from 0-9 in the 4th quarter/garbage time and not really do much when the game matters. Plus Seattle will have Jamal Adams back and I feel like they'll be putting him on Waller a fair amount.

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