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Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald?


Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald (this season)?  

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  1. 1. Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald (this season)?

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    • JJ Watt

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23 minutes ago, game3525 said:


He really should have won MVP in 2012 over AD.

I don't know about that. Peterson had one of the GOAT seasons and essentially carried his team to the playoffs.* Not that Watt didn't also contribute greatly to a playoff berth, I just think Peterson was slightly more valuable that year. 


both are among the best I’ve ever seen. White and Taylor are the only two in their class in my opinion (out of the guys I’ve seen)


I agree with this. 

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If we were just going on pass rush alone, I'd say it's close. Donald getting sacks from the inside is probably slightly more valuable than Watt getting sacks from the edge, interior pass rushers being a harder thing to find than edge guys.

However, it's not just pass rush, Watt in his prime racked so many passes defensed you'd think you were looking at a cornerback's stat column. And I believe he had 40 TFL's in a year when the next closest player had like 20.

Watt, not close. And that's not me trying to take anything away from Donald who is a fantastic player.

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Donald is better inside, Watt is better outside, both can switch positions. Depends what you want.

If You need to attack the inside and swallow up the run generating pressure upfront, I am taking Donald all the way,

If you need to stop outside plays and get a dominate outside Pass rush, I am taking Watt all the way.

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