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27 minutes ago, incognito_man said:

any transcript (rough or otherwise) available for those folks in an office and forgot headphones?

He made a joke that he doesn't talk to Rodgers anymore.

He said he understands from Rodgers POV since they just play vanilla nothing defense so it doesn't do much for him but there's 10 other guys out there too.

Said they took it to us on the full kick off drills and that's something he probably won't do again. Agreeing with Aaron.

Edit, just read what Wilde tweeted didn't see that first.

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56 minutes ago, Leader said:

I didnt catch mention of it either. It's preseason. Nobody's on their game yet.


16 hours ago, Cakeshoppe said:

sideline coaching. Superbowl confirmed

You owe cakeshoppe an apology. 

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