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On 11/3/2020 at 5:33 AM, AustrianEagle said:

terrorist shooting in vienna, police and military still looking for them. 

they arrested someone in Linz, the city where i work, lots of police sirens this morning

Dang I hope all is well over there!

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6 hours ago, ninjapirate said:

I also saw today was you bday.


Happy birthday 


2 hours ago, Phire said:

HBD Klit 


1 hour ago, Danger said:

You're older, congrats!

Thank you thank you.

Trabek dying really harshing my vibe. How dare he. Couldn’t he have waited a day for the cheerleader in high school’s bday that always outshined mine k-12?!?...she had it coming after all these years.

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