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Holding calls at historical high after 2 weeks


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Through the first two weeks of the season, holding penalties in the NFL are at an all-time high.1 Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Heading into the 2019 season, the NFL competition committee mandated that referees enforce offensive holding more strictly than they have in the past. The points of emphasis document published by the NFL states that “back-side” holding — action that occurs behind where the ball carrier is running — will be more closely monitored.



Interesting emphasis for the refs.  Will it hold up longer or do the refs back off.


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40 minutes ago, JustAnotherFan said:

These discussions come up every year at the same time and every year it turns out the same way. 

Refs are terrible to start the season before it balances itself out by mid-season.

People seem forget that it's not just the coaches and players who are still adjusting. 

Er, this is a comparison against every season through week 2...

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Eh, I hate penalties but people always complained about how much holding OL used to get away with, especially against premier pass rushers (Mack, Donald).  So it was either step in and do something about it or continue to give the offense more advantages.

If this trend continues into Week 8, then yeah maybe it's a bit concerning.  But I'm cool with it right now.  OL's need to hold less and I'm cool with the defense finally getting some benefit.

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11 minutes ago, incognito_man said:
14 minutes ago, JustAnotherFan said:


Just correcting your misunderstanding

It isn't a specific penalty but this does seem to happen every year with whatever the NFL emphasizes to the referees and it does normally calm down eventually. For now I'm going with this being the case but if not ratings will decline because we're not going to watch the Titans and Jaguars if we have to watch that many penalties in a game we are barely interested in to begin with.

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48 minutes ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

On one hand, it sucks seeing so many penalties called.

On the other hand, OL need to get better at blocking.

Pretty much exactly how I feel. Yeah the refs are annoying and make the game unenjoyable a lot of the time, but the rules are the rules. You won't find someone that wants to torture referees and league officials more than me, but the enforcement of holding calls makes sense. I understand it's crazy to call it on every play, but that's what leads to inconsistency.


I'm for less penalties and a faster game that doesn't resemble the hilarity of the NBA, but holding is the least of my worries. I'm much more disgusted with the roughing the passer crap than I am the copious amount of holding flags.

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