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Make Another Movie - Project and Official Announcements Thread


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From Rack Studios, in association with Llama Llama Productions and Tommy G Pictures, comes 

My Thoughts Be Bloody

Telling the mostly unknown story of infamous assassin John Wilkes Booth, My Thoughts Be Bloody will explore his complex relationship and rivalry with his older brother Edwin Booth. Born to a famous Shakespearean actor father, Junius Brutus Booth Sr., these two brothers spent their entire lives trying to live up to his reputation. While Edwin gained his father's natural gift of acting and quickly rose to prominence, John Wilkes struggled. He found himself living now not only in his father's shadow but his brother's as well. 


Tom Hiddleston as Edwin Booth
Edwin Booth became his father's caretaker at a young age, touring across America with him from theater to theater, picking up the tricks of the trade. Quickly rising to prominence once he left his father's side, he became one of the most esteemed and well-known actors of the 19th century. 

Paul Dano as John Wilkes Booth
John Wilkes Booth, the infamous assassin of Abraham Lincoln, lived his whole life in his father and brother's shadows wanting desperately to live up to the Booth name. Sent to the south by his brother, John Wilkes quickly becomes radicalized and joins the Southern cause.

Brie Larson as Asia Booth Clarke
Asia was always close to John Wilkes growing up and always saw the light in John Wilkes even as the darkness grew within him. He shared with her many of his secrets and insecurities but even she was shocked at his final actions.

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By Outpost31



I got I can't remember how many pages of the script done, then I got busy and stopped.  So here is a link to the first X amount of pages.  I have a synopsis for what happens after, but I am not going to be able to finish it.  Well I could, but I don't want to. 



The group pieces together what's going on.  Tommy Lee Jones quickly shows signs of rage, and they have to subdue him.  They do not kill him.  Throughout the movie Tommy Lee Jones displays his grumpy face and curses at the rest of them.  Fred Willard stumbles upon the group and explains that he works at the facility where the gas came from.  They have to get there if they want to be cured. 

They plan on doing just that, but they can't leave Cloris or Tommy Lee, so Danny suggests she bring her scooter.  Tommy Lee Jones refuses to go along, so they tie him to the back of the scooter. 

The movie intercuts between the Danny group constantly getting ahead of Cloris and Tommy, but constantly having to backtrack.  Three or four times they run past Cloris and Tommy and shout out new directions and the new plan only for them to have to try to catch up.  Danny's group suffers casualties.  "I kinda want to stop laughing now," is a line of dialogue.  "Shh, you gotta be shhh," is another while somebody tries desperately not to laugh. 

Throughout the whole thing Danny complains that he just wanted to play cards. 

At the end, they finally make it to the facility.  They get inside, avoid raging lunatics, get all the way down to the sublevels and when someone asks Fred Willard for the cure, Fred Willard starts laughing. 

"There's no cure.  I'm just a janitor here, I'm not a scientist.  I just knew that this basement was designed to be a bomb shelter.  Everyone up there is dead.  We're probably dead because they're gonna manufacture a disaster.  They'll hire crisis actors and make up something, probably an avalanche, but everyone who's seen this is going to die and if we talk about it we're going to die."

It sets in.  A couple people chuckle lightly.  Danny asks, "Anyone want to play some cards?"


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Daniel's adaptation of Ursula LeGuin's legendary A Wizard of Earthsea

The story takes place in the world of Earthsea, an archipelago of hundreds of islands, the largest of which, Havnor, lies in the center.  The movie takes place on several of these islands: Gont, the home of Ged, a small island in the northeastern section of the archipelago; Roke, south of Havnor, where the school of wizards lies, and where the Archmage of Earthsea lives; Pendor and the Ninety Isles, a cluster of islands near one another; Osskil, a large island in the north, largely separate from the other peoples of Earthsea; and Iffish, an island in the east reach.

Magic in Earthsea is mostly done by the use of "true names," ancient names in a lost language.  Knowing the true name of something gives you power over it, and is the basis of most magic.  Throughout most of Earthsea, children are given their true names by a mage capable of divining them when they reach puberty, and they are closely guarded, only shared with a trusted few.

In the role of Ged (Sparrowhawk), the titular wizard, and the film's protagonist, Riddhi Sen:

Portraying Ged as a boy in school, Rohand Chan:


Ben Kingsley will play Ogion the Silent, Ged's master before he is sent to Roke, and the island's most powerful mage.  He is famed for once taming an earthquake that threatened to destroy the island.


Portraying Archmage Nemmerle, the Archmage of Earthsea when Ged arrives at Roke, Amitabh Bachchan:


Danny Glover has previously played Ogion the Silent in a television adaptation of Earthsea, and will return to play Archmage Gensher, who takes the place of Nemmerle after his death.


Jaeden Lieberher and Chosen Jacobs will reunite once again to play schoolmates  and friends Jasper and Vetch.  Jasper is another student at Roke who comes to despise Ged, while his friend Vetch becomes one of Ged's best friends.


John Boyega will portray Vetch as an adult.


Timothy Dalton returns to Earthsea.  Dalton voiced Ged aka Sparrowhawk in the Studio Ghibli Earthsea adaptation, and now returns to voice the Dragon of Perth.


Name Studios are also happy to announce that Olivia Cooke has been cast as the film's lead actress, Lady Serret:


And lastly, in the role of Ged's aunt, the witch who first teaches Ged magic, Madhuri Dixit:



Plot summary below in the spoiler tag, to save space.


The film opens with a boy named Duny living on the island of Gont, known for three things: goats, pirates, and wizards.  When he accidentally casts a spell, his aunt, a local witch, takes him under her wing, and teaches him all the magic she knows.  His ability to call animals, particularly birds, gives him the nickname “Sparrowhawk.”  When his village is attacked by Kargish raiders, Sparrowhawk summons a fog to conceal the village and its inhabitants, enabling the residents to drive off the Kargs.  Hearing of this, the powerful mage Ogion takes him as an apprentice, giving him his "true name"—Ged.  Ogion tries to teach Ged about the "equilibrium", the concept that magic can upset the natural order of the world if used improperly.  However, in an attempt to impress a girl named Serrett, who was a nearby noble’s daughter, Ged searches Ogion's spell books and inadvertently summons a strange shadow, which has to be banished by Ogion. Sensing Ged's eagerness to act and impatience with his slow teaching methods, Ogion sends him to the renowned school for wizards on the island of Roke.

At school, Ged impresses quickly under Archmage Nemmerle and the other instructors, and he befriends Vetch, an older student.  However, his arrogance separates him from the rest of his peers, and he runs particularly afoul of Jasper, Vetch’s friend, who treats him condescendingly.  After Jasper needles Ged during a feast, Ged challenges him to a duel of magic.Ged casts a powerful spell intended to raise the spirit of a legendary dead woman, but the spell goes awry and instead releases a shadow creature, which attacks Ged violently, nearly killing him.  Archmage Nemmerle drives the shadow away with a powerful spell, but dies in the effort.

Ged spends many months healing before resuming his studies, and his left jaw and cheek are left permanently scarred. The new Archmage, Gensher, tells him that the shadow is an ancient evil that wishes to possess Ged, and warns him that the creature has no true name, and therefore cannot be controlled with magic.  Humbled, Ged continues with his studies, eventually graduating and receiving his wizard's staff.  He is assigned to the Ninety Isles, where he serves as the town mage, and protects the village from any attacks by the dragons of the nearby island of Pendor.

Soon, Ged finds that the shadow is after him, and knows he can’t handle both the dragon and the shadow, so he sails to Pendor.  In the sea near the island, he slays the small wyrmlings and confronts the dragon, guessing its true name from its age and mention in an ancient book.  The dragon tempts Ged, offering to tell him the true name of the shadow, but he refuses it, instead making it vow never to leave the island of Pendor.

Chased by the shadow, Ged flees to far north Osskil, having heard of a powerful artifact called the stone of the Terrenon.  He is attacked by a man possessed by the shadow, and barely escapes into the Court of Terrenon.  The lady of the castle shows him the stone, and urges Ged to speak to it, claiming it can give him limitless knowledge and power.  She tries to make him use the stone to overthrow the king of Osskil and rule with her, revealing herself as the young girl he met on Gont, Serrett.  Recognizing that the stone harbors one of the Old Powers—ancient, powerful, malevolent beings—Ged refuses.  They are caught in the attempted scheme by the king, who orders his monstrous minions to kill them.  They flees and Serrett is killed by one of the monsters, but Ged manages to escape in the form of a falcon.

Ged flies hundreds of miles back to Ogion on Gont, having forgotten his human identity, but Ogion manages to turn him back to a human.  Unlike Gensher, Ogion insists that all creatures have a name and advises Ged to confront the shadow, or it will hunt him forever.  Ogion is proved right; when Ged seeks out the shadow, it flees from him.  Ged pursues it in a small sailboat, until it lures him into a fog where the boat is wrecked on a reef and flees.  Ged recovers with the help of an elderly couple marooned on a small island off the reef since they were children; the woman gives Ged part of a broken bracelet as a gift (this ties into the sequel later).  Ged patches his boat and resumes his pursuit of the creature into the East Reach.

On the island of Iffish, he meets his friend Vetch and his family, who insists on joining him.  The two journey east far beyond the last known lands before they finally come upon the shadow at an island past the known end of the earth.  Calling out his own name, “Ged!” he merges with it and disappears as the sand of the island dissolves into the ocean.   Vetch dives in to look for him, but Ged manages to get into the boat, coughing and laughing.  He tells Vetch that the shadow is defeated, and he is healed and whole again.

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Mass Effect
Shepard (Jessica Chastain) 
Kaiden Alenko (Steven Yeun)
Ashley Williams (Adrianne Palicki)
Garrus Vakarian (Doug Jones)
Urdnot Wrex (voiced by Lance Reddick)
Tali’Zorah (Florence Favri)
Liara T’Soni (Elizabeth Henstridge)
David Anderson (Keith David)
Jeff “Joker” Moreau (Seth Green)
Saren Arterius (Madds Mikkelsen)
Benezia (Gillian Anderson)
Sovereign (voiced by Bill Nighy)
Ambassador Donnel Udina (Glenn Close)

Directed by John Favreau
Written by Lawrence Kasdan


Background: Mass Effect takes place in the Milky Way towards the end of the 22nd century.

The Milky Way is inhabited by a variety of unique characters different sapient species, most of whom base their technological achievements on that of an ancient civilization called the Protheans. By using the "mass effect" technology, the galaxy's many races are able to develop technologies such as faster-than-light travel, force fields and artificial gravity. Roughly 3000 years before the start of the series, a galactic community was formed from the remnants of the Prothean civilization. The community is headed by the Citadel Council, a bureaucratic association. Over the centuries, the Council has encountered many other species that have become close political associates while others remain independent.

In 2148, explorers on Mars discovered ruins of a Prothean outpost. Additionally, Charon is discovered to be an artifact called a "mass relay," which enables near-instantaneous travel to Arcturus; it is one of many mass relays littered about the galaxy. Their use allows humanity to come in contact with the Citadel Council and its associate species. As of the year 2183, humankind is the newest species to join the galactic community and is still working to make a name for itself.


Shepard (Jessica Chastain) and Kaidan (Steven Yeun) are sent to the human colony of Eden Prime to recover an unearthed Prothean beacon. They repel an attack by the geth, rescuing Ashley Williams (Adrianne Palicki) in the process. Rogue turian Spectre, Saren Arterius (Madds Mikklelsen), activates the beacon before escaping. Shepard, in the process, reaches the beacon and receives a vision showing scenes of war and death. The SSV Normandy and its crew are summoned by Ambassador Donnel Udina (Glenn Close) to the Citadel Station, but Shepard is unable to convince the Citadel Council of Saren's treason without solid evidence. Shepard meets Garrus (Doug Jones) and Wrex (Lance Reddick), and rescues Tali (Florence Favri), who possesses a recording of a conversation between Saren and asari Matriarch, Benezia (Gillian Anderson). The two discuss their victory while also mentioning an artifact called the "Conduit" and the return of the Reapers, a highly advanced machine race of synthetic-organic starships believed to eradicate all organic civilization every 50,000 years. The Council revokes Saren's Spectre status and makes Shepard the first human Spectre. Shepard is also handed command of the Normandy by Anderson (Keith David), and begins to follow several leads provided by him and Udina.

One of these leads is on the world of Therum, where Shepard rescues Benezia's daughter Liara T'Soni (Elizabeth Henstridge), who joins Shepard's squad because of her biotic abilities and expertise of the Protheans. On the colony of Feros, Shepard fights off Saren's forces and learns that his flagship, Sovereign (Bill Nighy), possesses unique mind-control capabilities. On the world of Noveria, Shepard tracks down and defeats Benezia, who reveals that she and Saren are being indoctrinated by Sovereign. Meanwhile, the Council informs Shepard that a salarian infiltration unit has uncovered Saren's main base on Virmire. Upon arrival, Shepard learns that Saren has discovered a cure for the krogan genetic disease, the genophage, and plans to breed an army of unstoppable krogan warriors. Wrex clashes with Shepard over whether to destroy it, which results in him eventually standing down. After this conflict, Shepard assists the salarians in destroying the base by planting a bomb in it. Inside, Shepard is confronted by Sovereign, who reveals itself to be an actual Reaper.

Sovereign reveals that the Reapers remain outside the Milky Way waiting for organic life to develop and discover the Mass Relays, before harvesting them when they reach their peak. In the panic after the bomb, Shepard rescues Kaidan with Ashley staying behind to make sure the bomb goes off. Shepard also finds Saren, who claims that his allegiance to Sovereign will save organic life forms by demonstrating their usefulness to the Reapers. Liara is then able to pinpoint the Conduit's location back on the Normandy: a Prothean world known as Ilos. There, Shepard learns that the Citadel Station is actually a huge Mass Relay that the Reapers use to invade the galaxy. During the last extinction cycle, a few Protheans survived on Ilos via cryopreservation and then re-entered the Citadel Station via the Conduit, a reverse-engineered miniature Mass Relay disguised aboard the station as a statue. The Protheans sabotaged the Citadel to prevent the Reapers from remotely activating the Citadel Mass Relay, which Saren plans to undo to allow Sovereign to trigger the Reaper invasion.

After fighting through heavy geth forces at the Conduit, Shepard confronts Saren at the Citadel. Saren is killed by Shepard. The Destiny Ascension, the Citadel's flagship with the Council on board, then requests assistance against an invading geth army; Shepard goes to aid to avoid heavy human casualties to save them while sacrificing the pursuit of Sovereign. 

For the Normandy’s heroics, humans are offered a seat at the Council with Udina taking the seat. The last scene is a message from a ship in the outer rim showing Sovereign leading an army of reapers. Shepard looks on: “We'll be ready.”


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Movie Title: Project Eos

Director: JJ Abrams





Morgan Freeman - President Bynum



Tom Hanks - Captain Porter Sampson 



Idris Elba - Safety Specialist Ryker Hellios 



Chris Pine - Flight Specialist Jax Hammer 



Rebecca Ferguson - Psychologist Hailey Banners 



Maggie Grace - Technical Specialist Callie Nash



Li Bingbing - Doctor Biyu Yang 



Liam Hemsworth - Weapons Specialist Blaze Nash



DJ Qualls - Science Scpecialist Porter Nash 



Ed Harris - Krantz (The AI Flight Director on the New Dawn)



Michael Rooker - Koloo (Marauder on planet ZXCB13)



Marie Avgeropoulos - Vulcia (Marauder on planet ZXCB13)








<The movie opens with an overhead shot of Time Square in the early evening hours, just after Christmas in the year 2139.  All of the screens on the TV's switch to the same image, the Presidential Seal.  After a brief moment, the inside of the oval office appears with President Bynum (Morgan Freeman) leaning against the desk.  As he speaks the shot slowly morphs into the oval office.>  


"My fellow Americans, no that's not accurate, my fellow man, yeah that's better.  My fellow man, tonight, we will watch side by side with each other, with no regard as to our differences.  The beliefs of our neighbors, trivial in nature.  The color of our skin, lost to our eyes.  Tonight, only one solitary thought will enter our minds and that is the success, or God forbid, the failure of Project Eos.   Ten years ago when I stood in front of you and raised my right hand, with the left on the Holy Bible, I didn't swear to faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States.  I didn't swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.  No, I did not.  I took a solemn oath to save mankind, not for money, not for greed, not for selfish reasons, it was the love in my heart for you, the people.  That is what has driven me, driven us all to accomplish the impossible.  Project Eos will soon begin their mission to bring Earth into a new dawn.  With our Sun dying, they have been tasked with searching the cosmos for a habitable planet, one which will allow every living being to experience a new beginning.  This time, I hope that we can refrain from war, pollution, gluttony and the self destruction that has become ramped on Earth.  

<The image fades into a shot of Cape Canaveral, where a massive Infinity Rocket begins ignition with a futuristic space shuttle is attached to it.  A countdown appears in the lower right hand corner, beginning at 30.  President Bynum (Freeman) continues to talk as the image stays fixated on the Infinity Rocket.>


"We go on this journey, not in search of intellectual knowledge, but with the resolute understanding that only success will allow the human race to live on.  The 10 men and women aboard the New Dawn are humanity's lasting light and we can not thank you enough for your sacrifices.  The heart of mankind goes with you into the unknown.  Forge now, a new path into the heavens and we will surely follow.  Godspeed and good luck,”

<The countdown reached 5 and the fire burning beneath the Infinity Rocket started to grow larger and brighter until the moment the clock reached 0 and a massive explosion overtakes the shot and then goes to black for a split second.>    

<The explosion quickly fades into the movie poster> 







<The movie opens with an overhead shot of Time Square in the early evening hours, just after Christmas in the year 2139.  All of the screens on the TV's switch to the same image, the Presidential Seal.  After a brief moment, the inside of the oval office appears with President Bynum (Morgan Freeman) leaning against the desk.  As he speaks the shot slowly morphs into the oval office.>  

"My fellow Americans, no that's not accurate, my fellow man, yeah that's better.  My fellow man, tonight, we will watch side by side with each other, with no regard as to our differences.  The beliefs of our neighbors, trivial in nature.  The color of our skin, lost to our eyes.  Tonight, only one solitary thought will enter our minds and that is the success, or God forbid, the failure of Project Eos.   Ten years ago when I stood in front of you and raised my right hand, with the left on the Holy Bible, I didn't swear to faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States.  I didn't swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.  No, I did not.  I took a solemn oath to save mankind, not for money, not for greed, not for selfish reasons, it was the love in my heart for you, the people.  That is what has driven me, driven us all to accomplish the impossible.  Project Eos will soon begin their mission to bring Earth into a new dawn.  With our Sun dying, they have been tasked with searching the cosmos for a habitable planet, one which will allow every living being to experience a new beginning.  This time, I hope that we can refrain from war, pollution, gluttony and the self destruction that has become ramped on Earth.  

<The image fades into a shot of Cape Canaveral, where a massive Infinity Rocket begins ignition with a futuristic space shuttle is attached to it.  A countdown appears in the lower right hand corner, beginning at 30.  President Bynum (Freeman) continues to talk as the image stays fixated on the Infinity Rocket.>

"We go on this journey, not in search of intellectual knowledge, but with the resolute understanding that only success will allow the human race to live on.  The 8 men and women aboard the New Dawn are humanity's lasting light and we can not thank you enough for your sacrifices.  The heart of mankind goes with you into the unknown.  Forge now, a new path into the heavens and we will surely follow.  Godspeed and good luck,”

The countdown reached 5 and the fire burning beneath the Infinity Rocket started to grow larger and brighter until the moment the clock reached 0 and a massive explosion engulfed the Infinity Rocket and the New Dawn.  Only smoke and fire were visible, until the edge of the rocket slowly shot up and rose higher and higher as the ground shook violently.  On the bridge of the New Dawn, the crew sat plastered to their seats as they experienced close to 4 G's. 

Flight Specialist, Jax Hammer (Chris Pine), called out their altitude as they continued to increase, “500 feet, 1000 feet, 1500…”  Jax Hammer (Pine) broke away from calling out their altitude and began to frantically work the controls of the spaceship.  “Captain, we appear to be leaking tripinium out of the Infinity Rocket and I cannot get under control, permission to abort launch”

Captain Porter Sampson (Tom Hanks) calmly replies, “How much fuel have we burned?”

Jax Hammer (Pine) continues to work feverishly at the controls to solve crisis as a silence begins to build on the bridge.  “I need answers Porter (DJ Qualls),” the Captain (Hanks) screams out.  

Porter Nash (Qualls) is off in the furthest corner of the bridge working at his console calculating the amount of fuel they used upon ignition.  The silence again becomes far too long for the Captain (Hanks), “Damnit Porter give me something now!”

Porter (Qualls) mumbles, “I, I uh..”

The Captain (Hanks) interrupts Porter’s mumbling, “Abort, yes or no?”

Porter (Qualls) waits a few more seconds before confidently stating, “No”

The Captain (Hanks) turns to Jax (Pine) and says, “Ride it out Jax, this is a one way mission now.  We have used too much fuel to take off again.  May God help us now”

The New Dawn continued to rise through the air as the triponium leaks from the Infinity Rocket.  Jax (Pine) ultimately finds a solution to the problem as the exit the Earth’s atmosphere.  Before Jax (Pine) can solve the leaking triponium problem the Infinity Rocket starts to shake uncontrollably and violently.

The Captain (Hanks) screams in fear, “ Jettison the roc…”

A massive explosion fills the emptiness of space, just outside Earth’s atmosphere.  Alarms inside the New Dawn are ringing, the crew is scattered on the floor of the bridge, and the spacecraft is tumbling end over end away from Earth.  The rotation of the spacecraft continues to increase in speed and the crew that were knocked out start to regain consciousness.  Jax (Pine) is one of the first to come to, however due to the speed of the rotation, he is unable to make any progress towards the flight controls.  During one of the rotations, Jax (Pine) is tossed next to the levers for the two lightspeed engines.  He manages to grab on to the column that was situated next to the levers, allowing him to gain some sort of equilibrium and the rotation of the New Dawn began to reach deadly speeds.  Jax (Pine) placed his hand on the Lightspeed Engine 1 Jettison lever and contemplated quickly about the consequences of jettisoning one of their only two engines.  On the one hand, if he jettisoned the engine at the exact moment when the ship flipped up, it would eject the engine downward and hopefully with enough force to slow their rotation and allow him to get to the retro rockets.  On the other hand, he would effectively cripple the mission and may ultimately doom mankind and single handedly lead to their extinction.  Jax (Pine) quickly realized, if they died, then the extinction of mankind was assured, so if there was a chance at survival, he was taking it.  Jax (Pine) waited until he felt the spacecraft flip forward and at that time he threw the lever jettison the Lightspeed Engine 1.  The violent rotation of the vessel started to slow down, once it was slowed enough for him to crawl over to the flight controls, Jax (Pine) made the journey through bodies and debris and activated the retro rockets, bringing the ship to a stop and just floating through space.            

The Captain (Hanks) slowly regains consciousness and says "I need a status report!"

A small hologram projection appears in front of the crew it is Gene Krantz (Ed Harris), former Flight Director for NASA. The hologram began to speak, "Welcome to space ladies and gentlemen, I am Krantz the ships AI flight director.  I have all pertinent information at the ready for you Captain.  First, communication with Earth has been irreparably damaged.  Second, I am detecting only on operational Lightspeed Engine.  

The Captain (Hanks), cuts off Krantz, "What in the hell did you to my ship Jax!!"

Jax (Pine) slumps down in his chair and covers his face with his hands and mumbles, "It was the only way I could stop the ship, it was the only way."

Krantz (Harris) blurts out, "Captain, with the damage sustained and the supplies lost, we can only us the Lightspeed Engine once, maybe twice if we are lucky.  

The crew is surrounding the Captain now, looking to him for guidance and his orders, "Take stock of the damage and supplies, Doctor Yang patch up the crew, Porter figure out what the hell we should do next."

The crew looks over towards Porter when the Captain called his name, they see him sprawled out on the ground still bleeding bay from a head wound.  Doctor Yang (Bingbing), rushes over to him and begins triage.  Porter is taken to the medical room where Doctor Yang patches him up and nurses him back to health over a weekend's span. During that time, Porter (Qualls) who is always a nervous wreck, shy, and stutters grows more confident and attracted to Doctor Yang (Bingbing).  The crew spend the week repairing the ship to the best of their abilities.  

Porter (Qualls) immediately begins to get caught up on their situation and he goes to work analyzing and calculating potential scenarios and options that the crew can take to try and salvage their mission. Porter assembles the crew on the bridge once he completes his calculations. “ZXCB13, fifty-fifty we make it there, ten percent chance that the planet is habitable for humans, and a two percent chance we make it back to Earth.  That is our only option, we have lost Lightspeed Engine 1, Lightspeed Engine 2 is barely operational, and we have lost eighty percent of our fuel reserves.  Our species are in the fast lane, speeding towards extinction.  

The Captain (Hanks) praises Porter (Qualls) for his work and then orders Jax (Pine) to set course for ZXCB13.  After inputting the necessary coordinates, Jax places his hand on the Lightspeed Engine lever and turns to the Captain, “Sir, it’s been an honor”  Jax throws the lever and the engine roars to life, moments before later the ship shoots off in a blur traveling at the speed of light.  

The crew heads to their stadia pods and prepare to enter. ZXCB13 was still 400 light years away, but was the most promising planet to be Earth's new home.  

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Reserved for MWicker's Movie


MWhicker Productions has confirmed the following:

Quentin Tarantino will finally make a movie that's been a long time coming:

Western: "40 Lashes Less One." The book to movie adaptation concerns two prisoners, an Apache and a Black American former soldier, that while on death row, are given a chance to be set free if they can hunt down and kill the five worst outlaws in the west. 



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La Chevalier

The ABSOLUTELY true story of the 18th century spy that left France a man, and returned to it decades later a woman.



After being brought into a betting pool about the true gender of French diplomat Chevalier D’Eon, an English Journalist named Laurence Gray (Ejiofor) embarks on a fact-finding mission throughout England and France to find out the truth and claim the prize. Through his travels, Gray compiles interviews, digs through memoirs and correspondence looking for truth, but can only find a progressively deeper and deeper enigma.

The story centers on Chevalier D’Eon in three parts. The earliest looks at Chevaliers role in the Secret du Roi and his infiltration of the Russian Court and Chevaliers exploits during the Sevens Year War. The 2nd portion focuses on D’Eon “banishment” in London, the rivalry with French diplomat de Guerchy, and the means by which D’Eon was able to return to France as a woman. The last part focuses on D’Eon later life, the struggle to maintain a place in society, and destitution.

Stylistically, the movie will be like Rashomon in its depiction of events (different look and events depending on the individual), and intentionally farcical and ambiguous (since that was D’Eon style).



Young ChevalierTimthoee Chalamet [1750-1760s]

Middle ChevalierRachel Weisz [1770’s]

Older ChevalierMeryl Streep [1780 - 1800s]

Laurence GrayChiwetel Ejiofor



Claude Louis Francois Regnier de Guerchy  - Sacha Baron Cohen [Chevalier’s London Rival]

Chevalier Douglas; Alexadre-Pierre de Mackensire-DouglasNicholas Hoult [Secret du Rui co-spy]

Louis XVTaika Waititi

Rebecca GrayCynthia Erivo [Laurences Wife and Assistant Researcher]

Empress Elizabeth of RussiaHelena Bonham Carter

Aleksey Bestuzhev RyuminKenneth Branagh [Anti French Russian Minister]

Paul-Francois de Galluccio, Marquis de L’HopitalHugh Laurie [French Diplomat in Russia]

Pierre de BeauarchaisJean Dujardin [Reps French Government in Chevaliers negotiation]

Madame CampanMarion Cotillard [French Courtier and Observer]

Jane Crowell - Claire Foy [English Journalist]

Victor-Francois, 2nd Duc De BrogliePeter Capaldi [Chevaliers Commanding Officer]

Natalya Saltykov - Pom Klementieff [Courtier of Elizabeth]

Thomas Milton - Hugh Bonneville [of London Stockexchange]

Edward Fitzgerald - Tobias Menzies [of London Stockexchange]

Anne-Marie de Bossigny - Juliette Binoche [French Journalist]

Guy Durand - Lakeith Stanfield [Officer in French Dragoons]

La Fortelle - Audrey Tautou [Chevalier’s friend, co-author of memoirs]

Louis XVIDean-Charles Chapman

Marie AntoinetteThomasin McKenzie



DIRECTED BY Greta Gerwig

WRITTEN BY Greta Gerwig and Taika Waititi

CINEMATOPGHY BY Emmanuel Lubezki

COSTUMES BY Sandy Powell

SOUNDTRACK BY Nicholas Britell


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Directed, Produced and Scored by Clint Eastwood

Big props to @daboyle250 on the movie poster


John Armstrong (Jake Gyllenhaal) is twenty-six years old, living with his mother (Winona Ryder) and two siblings on a dirt farm in rural Arkansas. On a particularly hot July afternoon John kills his landlord, Mr Clifton (played by Clint Eastwood), after a heated confrontation in regards to rent owed by John’s mother. Following the murder John flees south into central Arkansas, stopping to camp often and avoiding other travelers at all costs. He arrives in Helena about a week later to find his name and face posted on “Wanted” posters all over the city.

John leaves Helena immediately and heads further south. Late one night he takes shelter in a secluded farmhouse barn but is caught trespassing early in the morning by the land owners. John is held at gunpoint by the land owner and his wife who apparently recognize his face and are looking to collect the reward money for turning him in alive. John is able to overpower the man, and kills both the husband and wife with the man’s rifle. John ransacks their home and heads for the deep wilderness.

John camps and lives off the land in isolation, returning to a new town once every several months to stock up on ammunition and clothes. He becomes quite skilled with his stolen rifle and shotgun and does well providing for himself. John avoids capture for the Clifton murder for nearly two years before deciding to return to northern Arkansas where he meets Dave Rudabagh (Will Poulter) and Dave Mather (Caleb Landry-Jones), two famous outlaws on the run for multiple robberies and murders.

John, now almost 29 years old, is nearly 10 years older than the two outlaws, but he is impressed by their notoriety and jealous of the action packed lives they live. John agrees to join them on a cattle rustling job for a payout of $100. The job goes south almost immediately and ends in a shootout that leaves a prominent rancher (played by Luke Wilson) and several of his hired hands dead. John and the outlaws part ways and once again John flees further south into Texas.

While camping in Texas, John is ambushed by a bounty hunter looking to collect the price on John’s head. John is able to create a distraction long enough reach his rifle and fire off a few rounds, this forces the bounty hunter to retreat so John can regroup. He quickly packs up camp and heads deeper into Texas, towards the Mexican border with the bounty hunter still on his trail.

Texas Ranger 
After a couple days ride into Texas, John meets a recruiter for the Texas Rangers named Captain Barnes (played by Tommy Lee Jones) who convinces him to enlist with the Rangers. John agrees and registers under the name Milton J Yarberry. John’s first job with the Texas rangers was to track down and apprehend a gang of small-time cattle rustlers, he’s assigned to work with two other Ranger recruits (played by Jesse Plemons and Logan Lerman) and given a pay advance in order to purchase ammunition for the task at hand.

It’s just a couple days into the search for the rustlers when John spots the wanted men on a ridge above the Rangers. John uses the two other Rangers as bait to lure the rustlers into a trap, leading his partners into a creekbed nearby where he figured the rustlers would attempt to rob them. Sure enough the rustlers sneak up on the Rangers in an attempt to rob them, but John is ready for them and fires the first shots. One of the Rangers (Plemons) is fatally shot in the ensuing gunfight and the other is gravely wounded (Lerman). John loads the wounded Ranger up on his horse and rides back to town at a full gallop. 

The Rangers lose consciousness on the ride home which leaves John to tell the story of the shootout. He tells Captain Barnes about the ambush, leaving out the fact that he’d seen the rustlers on the ridge above them earlier that day. John makes the wounded Ranger out to be a hero despite the man being incapacitated almost immediately following the beginning of the gun fight. Captain Barnes awards John and the wounded Ranger (who is still in a coma) with Medals of Valor and sends a local posse out to retrieve the bodies of the rustlers and fallen Ranger.

Later that night John leaves the saloon after an evening of heavy drinking and stories of heroism. As he makes his way down an alley towards the Ranger bunkhouse a man steps out from the shadows. The man reaches into his pocket and John draws his revolver and shoots him immediately, assuming him to be the man the bounty hunter he’d encountered at his camp a week or so before. The man falls down dead in the alley. John realizes the man isn’t the bounty hunter but a local from the saloon he’d just been at. With people pouring from the nearby buildings to locate the source of the shooting, John was forced to flee yet again. 

John rode north into Canon City Colorado and used his Texas Ranger’s alias Milton J Yarberry to open up a saloon with two business partners, Tony Preston (played by Jason Clarke) and a woman named Steamboat (played by Melanie Lynsky) who owned a brothel on the second floor of the saloon. Tony and his wife Sadie (played by Anna Kendrick) became good friends with John, and the three of them along with Steamboat ran a very successful saloon and brothel. 

As time passed, almost a year, John began an affair with Tony’s wife. The two of them fantasized about running away together when the time was right. The time was made right when Tony was permanently crippped by a bounty hunter who mistook him for John and fired wildly into the bar before being killed by John who was outside returning from the bank. Sadie and John left Tony bleeding on the floor of the saloon they owned together and moved south to New Mexico.

John and Sadie open a bar in Las Vegas, New Mexico and try to start their lives over. Their bar is thriving and they’re well liked in town, but they know from their time in Colorado that a brothel is where the real money is made. They decide to sell their bar and move to the larger city of Albuquerque in hopes of buying a saloon big enough to run a covert brothel.

Deputy Yarberry
Less than a week after arriving in Albuquerque, John is encountered by two rough looking men who push past him and into a bank. Reacting quickly and solely on instincts, John turns and follows them into the bank. The men walk in and pull out their revolvers, declare themselves bank robbers. John raises a revolver of his own and fires two shots into one of the men’s backs. The other man turns to face John before being gunned down as well. John is lauded as a hero by the bank tellers and patrons, and decides to stick around for the Sheriff to show up to the thwarted robbery. Sheriff Perfecto Armijo (played by Oscar Isaac) arrives on scene a short time later and thanks John for stopping the criminals. Armijo recognizes the men as two wanted bank robbers and informs John that he’s in line for a $500 reward for the two of them. 

After learning of John’s service with the Texas Rangers Sheriff Armijo deputizes John on the spot in the bank lobby. John joins Armijo’s small team of deputies and learns that he very much enjoys hunting down and stamping out criminals. John becomes popular among Armijo’s supporters and local business owners, but some of the town’s less notable members see him as an overzealous hothead looking for a shootout. John killed numerous criminals and outlaws in his short time as a Deputy and quickly moved up the ranks in the department, as well as gaining the attention of most everyone in town. 

John begins to frequent a saloon near the Sheriff’s Office owned by a Civil War veteran named Clark Brooks (John Goodman). Clark becomes a great resource for John, he knows more people than anyone in the city and John liked to pick his brain about cases he was struggling to solve. Saloon patron Monte Boyd (Alan Tudyk) becomes John’s closest friend and the two began to spend more time at the saloon, drinking and gambling late into the night. Heavy alcoholic Charles Campbell (played by John Hawkes) and a drifter named Macon who’d settled into Albuquerque as his home (Macon Blair) both frequented the saloon and had become friends with John as well.

After a discussion with several prominent Albuquerque businessmen several months after John’s arrival, Armijo tells John that the city of Albuquerque is creating a paid position called Town Marshal and he wanted John to run for the position. John accepts after assurance from Armijo that he’d have the support he needs, and he wins the position in a landslide, John Armstrong becomes the first ever town marshal of Albuquerque. Marshal Milton J Yarberry.

Marshal Yarberry
Shortly after being elected marshal, John begins to notice new faces in town. Irish immigrant Patrick Kelly (played by Cillian Murphy) and his American-born brother Harry A. Brown (played by Ezra Miller) had been making a name for themselves as good poker players, heavy drinkers and smooth talkers. Three other men traveled with them and rarely left their sides. John visits a few local saloons and asks about the brothers. He learns that the older brother, Patrick, is well liked and polite, he tips well and does his best to keep his brother Harry in check. Harry on the other hand was not well liked. He had a quick temper and had drawn his gun on several occasions just in the couple of weeks he’d been in town. Harry bragged about being a famous outlaw and gun fighter and was constantly looking for a reason to prove himself just that.

A string of opium overdoses in Albuquerque left John suspicious of the brothers. He launches a not-so-subtle investigation into them, against the advice of Armijo and the saloon owners he’d spoken previously. John’s investigation turns up nothing but leaves him even more convinced that the brothers are the ones dealing the opium. He begins frequenting the saloons the brothers frequent and goes so far as to kick in the door of one of the rooms they were renting in search of drugs. Again John finds no evidence. His obsession with the brothers begins to take its toll on his relationship with Sadie and the two start fighting frequently. 

Less than a week after John had kicked in the door of Harry Brown’s rented room, he spots Harry and Sadie eating lunch in Clark’s saloon. He enters the saloon and confronts Harry and the two begin to argue. John and Harry’s confrontation continues into the street. Harry taunts and dares John to shoot him. Harry lifts his jacket to reveal his revolver in it’s holster. He taunts John again, John places his hand on his own revolver and dares Harry to draw on him. Harry draws his weapon. John reaches for Harry’s gun with his left hand while drawing his own revolver, but Harry pulls the trigger. John takes a step back and realizes he’s been shot in the hand, Harry is frozen with fear. John aims and fires three rounds into Harry, killing him.

Patrick rushes to the side of his dying brother and John points a gun at him as well, much to the dismay of onlookers. John force's Patrick to disarm himself and forces him to return to the saloon without his weapons. Armijo shows up and arrests John, but assures him it’s just a formality. John is seen by a judge and is released on the grounds of self defense.

John makes the decision to return to Clark’s saloon the same day of the shooting. Patrick is still there, the two of them agree to put their guns on the bar and talk at a booth in the corner. Patrick is no longer polite and smooth talking, he immediately threatens John with death. John reminds him that Harry shot first and Patrick laughs, confusing John. Patrick explains that he isn’t upset that is opium-pushing loudmouth half-brother was dead, immediately telling John not to waste his time with another search. Patrick’s issue was with having a gun pulled on him, that wasn’t something he could tolerate and he told John that he was going to have to pay for that. 

John places Patrick under arrest for the threat and takes him across the street to the Armijo at the Sheriff's Office. Armijo immediately releases Patrick and tells John to go home, John calls Armijo a traitor and leaves. Armijo follows John home and apologizes to him, but explains that he really didn’t want John to talk to Patrick any more. He asked that John stop going to the saloon for two days, and he would see if he could get Patrick to leave without John’s presence. John agreed.

The next morning, John got drunk at home and headed to the saloon when he ran out of liquor. He was greeted at the door by Clark, who had been talked to by Armijo. Clark gave John a bottle of liquor and sent him back home. John refused at first, but then agreed to go drink with Monte Boyd at Boyd’s house nearby. Patrick was sitting in John’s usual spot at the poker table, he was gambling with Charles Cambell and Macon. This upset John greatly, and Patrick smirked.

John and Monte sat on Monte’s poorch and drank. They both agreed that Patrick was selling drugs and needed to be dealt with. 

At the saloon, Patrick gambled with Charles and Macon. He’d gambled with them frequently in the past but was quickly forced out of the group for being too good. This time he was letting a very drunk Charles win. Patrick admitted he’d run out of cash and offered up his hat as his bet. Charles agreed and won again. Patrick doubled down and offered up his jacket as his bet, Charles agreed again and continued his win streak. Clark knew something was suspicious about this, but couldn’t figure it out. In a last ditch effort to win back his hat and coat, Patrick offered up his revolver as a final bet. Once again he folded and let Charles win. Charles gloated and mocked Patrick. He wore Patrick’s hat and jacket and began talking in a slurred Irish accent. Patrick played along and laughed at his own expense. 

After several minutes of gloating over his winnings, Charles told Patrick he was headed out to the desert to test out his new revolver. Patrick pressured him into test firing in the alleyway, he assured Charles that John would be too drunk to arrest him anyways. Clark protested, but Patrick pressured Charles further, and offered to pay his bail if Charles were to be arrested. One of Patrick’s men handed him $100 and he showed it to Charles. Charles agreed to go shoot the revolver with Patrick, and Clark asked him one last time not to do it as he stepped outside.

Donning Patrick’s hat and jacket, Charles stepped into the alleyway alongside the saloon. He fired 3 shots in succession, all missing a wooden fencepost he was aiming for. People began yelling at Charles from the street and nearby buildings, but Patrick told him to fire again. Charles drunkenly raised the revolver again.

About a block away, John and Monte hear the gunshots. They scramble to their feet and make a dead sprint for the saloon. 

In the alleyway, Charles fires 3 more times before one of the angry bar patrons grabs him and throws him into the street. Scolding his drunken behavior.

John and Monte come around the corner, with the saloon now in view. They see Macon running from the saloon and John asks him who was shooting. Macon points at Charles, who was now standing in the street wearing Patrick’s jacket and hat, and holding his revolver.

John yells at who he believes to be Patrick to turn around. As Charles begins to turn around John fires two shots, hitting Charles once in the back. Monte, too drunk to realize it was Charles, fires twice as well hitting Charles both times in the chest. Patrick disappears down the alleyway leaving John and Monte to answer for the killing.

Sheriff Armijo arrives on scene and arrests John and Monte for the murder of Charles Campbell. Monte is released a short time later when John tells New Mexico Attorney General William Breedon (played by Tim Blake Nelson) that Monte was acting under the direction of the Town Marshal.

John goes to trial for the murder where he is represented by the very outmatched Jose Fransisco Chavez, an attorney working on behalf of the Sheriff’s office to defend their former Deputy. Armijo testifies on behalf of John’s character and asks the judge to end the trial, the judge declines and the trial proceeds. During a particularly heated argument with the prosecution John had to be removed from the courtroom screaming “I’m being railroaded!” all the way back to his cell. 

Several weeks later John was found guilty of murder and Milton J Yarberry was sentenced to hang. Being the Sheriff, Perfecto Armijo was tasked with carrying out the execution. John and his attorney requested that someone other than one of John’s close friends be given the duty but the judge declined that offer as well. The judge announced that as the man who deputized Yarberry and pushed for him to become Town Marshal, that Armijo would have to pay for his role in the murder as well by executing John himself.

While awaiting execution John hears that Harry Brown, the man he’d killed during a fight over Sadie was actually Tommy O’Sullivan, a man wanted in Chicago for the slaying of a police officer. John was not eligible for any reward money, as a convincted felon. He also learns that Harry’s older brother Patrick Kelly was really Patrick O’Sullivan, another man wanted in multiple states, and he hadn’t been seen since Charles death.

Several months later, John is unceremoniously marches to the gallows by Sheriff Armijo, who announces to the crowd that he is being forced to hang an innocent and good man. Armijo hugs John and pulls the lever, killing his good friend, Marshal Milton J Yarberry.

Credits Roll.


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