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Patriots to unveil new uniforms Monday


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3 hours ago, FourThreeMafia said:

Why are there so many gaps in your post?

You should really learn proper      sentence structure.

It’s part of      his survivor game. Only the     smartest posters can     decipher his    genius

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The only thing that would heal the nation is if they go back to Pat the Patriot...but that ain't gonna happen.  As I understand, the changes will be a little more than the Colts, but not much more.

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I liked their color rush uni, so don't mind it getting promoted to the home look.
Don't love the way the stripes look on the whites, I think they probably could've kept them red-white-red and it would've worked(see below)



Disappointed there are no silver or white pants. Monochrome kinda sucks most of the time.
Wonder if there will be a red alt this season or if they are waiting for the helmet rule to do the old pat the patriot look. 

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On 4/18/2020 at 12:51 PM, Oregon Ducks said:

Considering who their coach and owner are, I’m going to guess they’re MAGA inspired 

I'm only a regular user on this site and not a mod or anything, but can we please keep the garbage talk on Facebook or Twitter please? Thanks.

I like these for New England.

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