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1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

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On 1/7/2021 at 4:28 PM, vegas492 said:

I just want to see how this has aged.  Not being critical of, or slighting Donzo.  It's just me being curious.

Don't care about the first sentence.

Second paragraph.  13-3 or 14-4 is a great record, not good.  And that is true this year, too.  Yah just don't luck into that many wins.  I thought at one time that they did luck into those wins last year, but I was wrong.  We are a great team.

Second paragraph.  Flawed and and can get run over by physical teams.  Flawed?  Yes.  Our specials are terrible.  Our DC holds the defense back.  Maybe the Titans game showed that we can man up against physical teams and take it to them.  Personally, that game did not erase the taste of the 49ers from my mouth, but it did erase some of it.

Upgrades.  DL, Keke graded out very good.  Clark is turning it on.  Did add Snacks, and that will help.  ILB.  Barnes is actually quite good.  Kirksey is playing better in a new position.  Martin still has potential.  WR.  ESB has made a few key grabs.  MVS is still MVS.  Not sure you can complain about WR's when the team is first in TD scoring in the red zone and #1 in overall offense.

Not sure what the point was concerning the third paragraph.  I'll chalk it up to someone not liking the Gute draft.

Last line.  Nailed it.  He's gone full Godgers mode.  Let's hope it lasts.  Not sure there are any "favorable" matchups in the playoffs, but time will tell.

I was spot on- lol.

13-4 & 14-4 aren't "great" records. They happen all the time. And, the only way for the Packers to be considered agreat this year is if they win three (3) more games.

Yes, flawed, but better this year. With recent additions and Gary's development, the Packers defense should be able to physically stand up to any offense...Not having a legit #2 WR still could be an issue. Hopefully not, though. With Bobby T. at TE and if both Lazard & MVS stay healthy and play well, the Packers will be fine... It's a big if, though.

For the 3rd paragraph, leveraging the 1st & 4th round picks into a potential successor at QB was just awful. I've explained why multiple times... I was happy with the 3rd day of the draft and UDFA process. That's actually turned out better than I hoped for. Gute crushed it there.

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1 hour ago, Donzo said:

13-4 & 14-4 aren't "great" records. They happen all the time. And, the only way for the Packers to be considered a great this year is if they win three (3) more games.

I don't think that word (great) means what you think it does............inconceivable !

Dictionary definition of great is: of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above average. You set the bar for that word way too high.

Three teams out of 32 managed a record in that range this year (Bills, KC, Packers), four did it in 2019 with only the Packers featuring in both years. Their two year win/loss record is 26-6 in the regular season. To call a regular season record of 26-6 over two years as great might even be slightly underselling it, since it was done with a brand new head coach.

If you don't think that is great, you are crazy. Words better than great (amazing, astonishing, brilliant, superb) might actually apply here. You are confusing the word 'great' with 'unique' (as only one team can win a superbowl), so while several teams can have a great season, only one can be unique in that regard.

Instead of focusing on one single condition (winning the Superbowl), just enjoy the whole journey through the season, because it's the journey in a 'great' season that warms us, not a single condition. In your scenario, the Packers have had only two great seasons in 50 odd years (since 1969, one with Favre, one with Rodgers). By your reckoning Thirteen teams in the NFL have NEVER had a 'great' season (including the Lions and Vikings in the NFC North).

As for your views on acquiring Love..........way to early to condemn or laud the selection. Revisit this in a couple of years and you should have enough information to criticise or praise the choice Gutekunst made, earlier than that, it's just venting.




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