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Do you think Seattle tried to trade Russell Wilson?


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Analysis: Did the Seahawks really try to trade Russell Wilson to the Cleveland Browns in 2018?

I can’t even wrap my brain around a team trying to dangle a QB the caliber of Russell Wilson. He wasn’t one of the near consensus top 2 QBs at the time of the theoretical proposal, but he was still viewed as a top 8ish franchise QB.

Does anyone think there’s any truth to the rumor that Seattle tried to trade Russ? I don’t think so, but PFT is legitimate, so I thought I’d at least bring it up for discussion.

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It would not surprise me one bit if they did. Given the track record of teams with QBs whose deals take up the percentage of salary cap space that his current deal does, I'm sure there was trepidation by the team about giving him that sort of contract. 

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6 minutes ago, Yin-Yang said:


And if they did, I don’t know who’s dumber - the Hawks for offering the deal or the Browns for not taking it.

That's the part that's hard to believe in this story... if there was really an offer on the table, Browns would have run with it.... and if it was pulled back, there would be a lot of talk surrounding it.

I think this is someone messing up weird ideas with reality. It might have come across someone's mind, but it certainly didn't go much farther than that.


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No, just...no. Maybe it was something joked about between two people in each organization, nothing with legs though. Just a "Hey, whydoncha give me #1 and I'll give you Russell!? Ha, yes - I'm laughing, you're laughing, we're all laughing."

If there were legs and Cleveland didn't pursue, this would be the worst decision ever made in NFL history, even ahead of the Hopkins debacle...

That's why I can't see this as true.

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I think this is one of those situations where there's enough gray area that the answer can truthfully be both "yes" and "no".

I bet they explored it a little bit, dipped their toe in the water, discussed it, etc. But I don't think it got very far at all.

But I'll be honest, if they DID, I'd have so much respect for them as an organization.

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