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If you had to choose, who would you cut next offseason: Jaylon Smith or Ezekiel Elliott?


Who are you cutting?  

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  1. 1. Who are you cutting?

    • Jaylon Smith
    • Ezekiel Elliott
    • Neither

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That's a tough one. 

Jaylon could still hypothetically regain his 2018 form. Maybe he's overthinking things with a new scheme and no real offseason. 

Running backs fall off fast. And I hate to say it, but Zeke looks done. So, I guess I'd cut him.

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Hard to not vote for Jaylon as he is completely lost on the field, but at least he still looks like he has some athletic abilities left. Zeke looks slow as hell. He’s not at all explosive. Think back to back seasons with 350+ touches has taken it out of him. I doubt he’s going to touch his previous stats ever again. 

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If Zeke isn’t fumbling, he’s a fine RB, and should continue to be. He’s way, way to expensive, but that is what it is.

Jaylon is just a travesty out there. A total liability that other teams take advantage of continually. I think he has played himself out of a job. Cut him and move on after he helps us to a top-2 draft pick.

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13 hours ago, Tony7188 said:

Hypothetically speaking, if cap space wasn't an issue, who would you choose and why?

I would cut Zeke. He's nowhere near what he was his rookie season.  

Voted before I saw if cap space wasn't an issue.     If it is,   I'd cut Jaylon,   since we save a whopping $400k in cap space, whereas Zeke we lose almost $10mil in cap space.    I'd keep both guys for another year. 

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