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Week 17 GDT: Ravens at Bengals - Don't Mess This Up

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SUN 01/03 • 1:00 PM EST



CBS | WJZ-TV (Baltimore)
- Spiro Dedes | Adam Archuleta 


Quick Hits

- Win and we're in
- Currently on a 4 game winning streak
- Over the last 4 weeks, the Ravens have averaged 37.0 points (1st in the NFL), 233.3 rushing yards (1st), and 406.9 net yards (7th)
- Lamar Jackson has accounted for 12 TDs (8 passing, 4 rushing) over the same period, producing a 117.7 passer rating and 333 rushing yards


Play-off scenarios

- Ravens Win, or
- Browns Loss, or
- Colts Loss

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Mekari, Ngakoue and Snead haven't practiced all week, so there's a fair chance none of them will play.  At least we should have Marcus Peters back to help deal with the dangerous Bengals WRs


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49 minutes ago, drd23 said:

Seems all but certain that Koch will be out too


I’m surprised they made this known. Harbaugh usually likes to keep everything close to the vest and won’t reveal anything until like an hour before gameday, unless he has to reveal it. I thought they were going to continue to toy with the Justin Tucker for punter possibility until game time.

If Townsend looks good, we might be getting a look at our future punter. He’s younger and probably has a stronger leg than Koch considering his college feats.

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This is it, boys! Time for us to handle our business and ride into the playoffs on a 5-game win streak. Think its gonna be a tough game in the first quarter then the Ravens take over and make their way to the playoffs.

Ravens 30 - Bengals 17

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So looking over the weather for game time, it looks like we’re in luck. No rain or strong winds that could deter a game plan or increase chances for injury via terrible footing. 38 degrees, Real Feel of 31 degrees throughout the game. Winds at 9 mph is simply “breezy”.

In terms of the game, I think the Bengals will quite obviously commit heavily to stopping our rushing attack. They’ll probably give a generous amount of space to our WRs on the edges of the defense considering they’ll have that additional safety in the box. I’d look to get Duvernay and Hollywood the ball along the boundary in such scenarios for easy completions that get Lamar in rhythm early as well as manufacture a run game through the short passing attack. Once we spread Cincy out and get them off balance, go with Gus early, IIRC they struggled getting him on the ground in the 1st game. Once softened up, go with Dobbins as the change of pace. I doubt the Bengals want to get embarrassed again, so they’ll over aggressively throw everything they have to stop Lamar and force everyone else to beat them/Lamar with his arm, so once Lamar is in rhythm, from short passes, it should be followed up by plenty of deep shots to Hollywood.

I think the Bengals put on the tough guy act and will play hard as long as they’re in the game, but their brittle. If we can body them early, I don’t think they’ll be like the Giants where they keep clawing through until the clock reaches zeroes. So as long as we can get an early lead of 14-17 points, I think we should be able to keep the game under control and coast smoothly to the finish line. Problems would arise if they allow the Bengals to stay within that 10 point range. Will be interesting to see how both teams play this.

I just hope Skura doesn’t snap the ball to the other team, if Mekari can’t go, I’d rather put TCC out there and use Skura as the extra blocker.

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