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How about DAK



Wins....check (you may even find DAL are the number 1 or 2 seed)

Hasn't won it before....check


I'm not saying he deserves it right now, but by the end of the season, he just might be the best placed. Waters are muddy now with players like Murray, Stafford, Brady, Rodgers through either up and down performances, missed time or narrative. Dak has had one rough game, but overall he's been pretty incredible. 

I've been saying it will be Stafford, if not Lamar or Brady. But now it looks like Dak is a smart bet based on the reasons above. You taking? If not, why not?

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Hmm. I wonder if this will affect the CPOY award too. It might be like the Euros thsi year where Donnarumma winning player of the tournament was a double blow (for me) as I had him down as best young player and Jorginho as player of the tournament. They didn't even give him goalkeeper of the tournament!


But back to your question, they have a few tough outs left on their schedule. It might depend on how Brady responds to the bad game and whether he gets to 50 and 5250. Or maybe Lamar does something remarkable on the way to the no. 1 seed. 

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He is currently my favorite right now. There is still a long season to go and they have a huge game against the Chiefs next week. If the Cowboys lose and the Chiefs literally look dominate like they were against the Raiders then that will take Dak out of the current spot too. So right now Dak is the fav but if he really want to supplant himself at the top he has to beat the Chiefs and look impressive. If not then I then I think its still wide open. 

Again we forget its still a very long season. Even for Stafford who still will be playing plenty of national tv games having one of the toughest schedules in the NFL. If he turns it around and starts playing well again, which I strongly believe he will, then he will be right back at the top come the end of the season. People will look at these past two games as bumps in the road which seemingly every team goes through in a long season. Same for Brady as well. I would put Kyler in there but if he misses next week bc of the Cards holding him out until after the BYE to fully get healthy then Idk how much of time missed will hurt him. But it also helps Allen and Lamar too. But yeah currently Dak is the fav and he has a chance to really supplant himself next week if he looks great and the Cowboys beat the Chiefs.

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I mean, Id think he has a good case for it. If he doesn't win it, he'll at least be in the top 5 for voting if he continues his play for the rest of the year.


His paces:

70.3% completion %

4,700 yards

40 TDs

10 INTs

180 rushing yards

2 TDs

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Id says hes definitely in the race might even be leading it tbf, But he did miss a game that they did win against the VIkings without him and people were using that against Kyler, given Kyler has now missed 2 games instead of Daks 1

 Stafford has most definitely taken himself out of the race after his past 2 games

Rodgers I cant see winning it because of his outside issues that happened over the past 2 weeks

Dak, Lamar, TB12, Kyler are all in it in my eyes throw in Kupp too

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He's in the mix.

He's got the stats counting the meaningless late Broncos game TDs when he was awful?

Zeke and Pollard are on a pace for 2092 and 16 TDs at about 5.0 a pop.

They won without him. His below league average backup put up 325 and 2 TDs in a road game.

He has the best weapons in the game (because Gronk and Brown have missed so much time)

I'm not sure he's team MVP (dominant O-line or Diggs are in the mix)


Heck of a year though, and he has Comeback player locked up.


This is not just on Dak. I'm not sure Stafford is MVP of the Rams either (Ramsey or Cupp are in the mix)


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4 hours ago, Jeezla said:

He's in the race for runner up to Brady. Weak sos hurts him. Only beaten one team that's currently over .500. Out-dueling Mahoney this coming weekend would help his cause, but MVP is Brady's to lose right now.

Well he has beat 2. Chargers and Patriots. Wasn't very good vs Chargers. 0 tds 1 int. 

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8 hours ago, ET80 said:

Laugh Lol GIF

Mahomes is not in contention, but it really is crazy how many people (Chiefs fans and non-Chiefs fans) I've seen say he should be after the game against the Raiders Sunday night. It's absolutely insane how much individual prime time games skew the opinions of average fans.

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I think Dak is probably the favorite right now. But it's been such a weird year for the MVP race. You can list every obvious candidate, and I think all of them have like 2 weeks you can point to that suggest that they shouldn't be MVP, either due to bad losses, unclutch play, poor play overall, or missing time. So little separates like 8 different candidates, so it's really just going to come down to who has the strongest finish to the season. The QB that finishes 7-1 and scores like 20 TDs down this stretch will have his early failures forgotten, IMO.

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