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49ers WR Deebo Samuel requests trade

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17 minutes ago, NcFinest9erFan said:


Of course they do, it's just it won't be happening until a few months...Which is fine.

After the draft, Deebo and his team knew they were not going to get traded. Let's get this done and make a run at the Super Bowl. 

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On 5/10/2022 at 7:05 AM, straighthate said:

Pretty dumb response to be honest. You’re taking me completely literal about running out a 50 year old QB?  I’ll give the Cliff notes. 

I loved Joe Montana. He was a God. When Young won the battle and Montana was out, my 10 year old *** cried and thought the world ended. So it took me quite a while to warm up to the guy who put my hero in a Chiefs uniform. Certainly wasn’t his whole career, but I compared everything he did to Montana. Pretty common stuff for a kid with Montana posters all over. 

Do I want Young to come back? Really? 

No I don’t want to trade Lance. And I’d expect you to understand the joke there, but I’ll explain. I was longing for the days when we had a HOF QB and we were so used to being good at that position that we could complain because he didn’t measure up to Joe. I’m longing for the days when QB play was just expected in SF, and would “trade” just for the opportunity to have a HOF like Young again. 

I don’t hate Lance at all and I’m not sure exactly what you’re implying. You’re COMPLETELY misreading a nostalgic post about the good old days of being a niner fan as a little kid and turning it into something ugly. 

All around bad post from a typically good poster. Don’t try to create controversy when there’s none to be had. 

Lol, I was amused that your point was missed. I was 10 when Joe left as well. Joe was the 49ers. I never hated Steve, but he was never Joe and honestly never could be. Steve took over Joe's team, Joe helped build that team. I also wish for the day when you know the QB position is in a great spot and not a worry or an unknown week after week. The days of going 12-4 13-3 routinely because you had a top 5 QB and didn't really need to worry are missed.

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1 hour ago, NcFinest9erFan said:


I've heard on twitter that he won't be back because Trey Lance sucks and he doesn't think that he can get paid with Trey as the starting QB 

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On 6/26/2022 at 10:10 AM, 49erurtaza said:

Until they extend him officially no reason for him to pull it. 

I think I still have an on-going request for the DVD of The Matrix at blockbuster. Still haven't rescinded it.

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4 hours ago, rudyZ said:

I think I still have an on-going request for the DVD of The Matrix at blockbuster. Still haven't rescinded it.

And they made you wait all this time? Terrible service. No wonder they went out of business. 

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