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2018 2 Rd mock with Trade Projections


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The biggest question mark that will flip the draft on its head is....do the Giants trade out of #2?

In this mock, the Giants stand at #2. I will post another in which they do not.


1.     Cleveland Browns – Sam Darnold QB USC

2.     New York Giants – Saquon Barkley RB Penn State

With Darnold off the board, Giants elect to take a RB they hope can be their Fournette or Elliott moving forward. They are okay with Eli as the starter this upcoming season and giving Webb a chance to prove himself potentially. There is also a comfort in knowing they can trade back into the 1st rd later if they want to with relative ease.

3.     New York Jets (from IND) – Josh Allen QB Wyoming

4.     Cleveland Browns (from HOU) – Minkah Fitzpatrick DB Alabama

5.     Denver Broncos – Denzel Ward CB Ohio State

Rather than go QB, they sit tight with Case Keenum for now and take a CB with elite level grades. They feel there may be a chance later to take a franchise QB, but much like the Giants, they won’t be upset going into next season with the QBs they have currently.

6.     Indianapolis Colts – Bradley Chubb EDGE NC State


To Tampa Bay: 12th ovr + 22nd ovr pick + mid/late picks

To Buffalo: 7th ovr pick + late picks

            After the Giants hold at 2 to take Barkley, some of the QBs begin to drop. Denver opting for top rated CB Ward opens up Tampa to be a team willing to trade back to get more picks after losing a 3rd rd pick in the trade for JPP. Buffalo doesn’t have to mortgage their future like they would have trading into the Top 2 or Top 5 and still land their QB of the future.

7.     Buffalo Bills (from TB) – Josh Rosen QB UCLA

8.     Chicago Bears – Quentin Nelson OG Notre Dame

9.     San Francisco 49ers – Derwin James DB Florida State

10. Oakland Raiders – Roquan Smith LB Georgia

11. Miami Dolphins – Calvin Ridley WR Alabama

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from BUF via CIN) – Tremaine Edmunds LB V.Tech

13. Washington Redskins – Vita Vea DT Washington


To Green Bay: 17th ovr + 48th ovr pick + late rd

To LA Chargers: 14th ovr + mid rd pick

            As Miami elects to get Tannehill a weapon, rather than draft a replacement, another QB drops lower than expected, enticing the Chargers to find the true heir apparent to Philip Rivers, while also getting a “sexy” pick for the city of Los Angeles.

14. Los Angeles Chargers (from GB) – Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma


To Arizona: 22nd ovr + 38th ovr + 2019 2nd rd pick

To Tampa Bay: 15th ovr + 47th ovr + 2019 4th rd pick

            Arizona missed on the top 4 QB’s so elect to trade down rather than reach for one. They get to move up in the 2nd rd as well with moving up into the 2nd rd from the 4th rd in 2019. Tampa Bay using picks acquired in an earlier trade down, get to move up to fill another need on their roster.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from ARZ) – Joshua Jackson CB Iowa

16. Baltimore Ravens – Deon Cain WR Clemson

Cain is easy to fall in love with when you watch him play and the Ravens have been in need of a true #1 WR forever now.

17. Green Bay Packers (from LAC) – Marcus Davenport EDGE UTSA

18. Seattle Seahawks – Mike Hughes CB UCF

19. Dallas Cowboys – Da’Ron Payne DL Alabama

20. Detroit Lions – Derrius Guice RB LSU

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Isaiah Wynn OG Georgia

22. Arizona Cardinals (from TB via BUF/KC) – Christian Kirk WR Texas A&M

They have Sam Bradford and grade WR over the remaining QBs. The extra picks allow them to trade up if they feel they need to leapfrog some teams for a QB.

23. New England Patriots (from LAR) – Harold Landry EDGE Boston College

24. Carolina Panthers – DJ Moore WR Maryland

25. Tennessee Titans – Sam Hubbard EDGE Ohio State


To Atlanta: 38th ovr + 2019 2nd rd pick + late rd pick

To Arizona: 26th ovr pick + late rd pick

            Arizona flips picks acquired in a previous move down to get a falling QB to pair with their brand new WR taken just 4 picks earlier, electing to leap frog potential suitors for the remaining top QBs. Atlanta is happy to move down in the midst of acquiring an extra early round pick next year and some later picks in this draft.

26. Arizona Cardinals (from ATL) – Lamar Jackson QB Louisville

27. New Orleans Saints – Courtland Sutton WR SMU

28. Pittsburgh Steelers – Rashaan Evans LB Alabama

29. Jacksonville Jaguars – Mike McGlinchey OT Notre Dame


To Minnesota: 34th ovr pick + 66th ovr pick

To NY Giants: 30th ovr pick + 94th ovr pick

            After acquiring Barkley earlier, the Giants leap frog one of their rivals to take the last of the high graded QB’s in exchange for moving to the end of the 3rd rd. Minnesota is happy to move back 4 spots in exchange for moving to the top of the 3rd rd, as they bolster one of the most complete rosters in the league.

30. New York Giants (from MIN) – Mason Rudolph QB Oklahoma State

31. New England Patriots – Leighton Vander Esch LB Boise State

32. Philadelphia Eagles – Kolton Miller OT UCLA

Round 2

33. Cleveland Browns – Connor Williams OT Texas

34. Minnesota Vikings (from NYG) – Isaiah Oliver CB Colorado

35. Cleveland Browns (from HOU) – Will Hernandez OG UTEP

36. Indianapolis Colts – Carlton Davis CB Auburn

37. Indianapolis Colts (from NYJ) – Orlando Brown OT Alabama

38. Atlanta Falcons (from ARZ via TB) – Taven Bryan DL Florida

39. Chicago Bears – Lorenzo Carter LB Georgia


To Denver: 45th ovr + 2019 4th rd pick

To Green Bay: 40th ovr

            After moving down earlier in the draft, the Packers elect to flip one of their picks in 2019 to move up for a 1st rd talent who dropped into the 2nd rd. Denver takes the extra pick(s) in a desire to not reach for a player at 40, while assisting with rebuilding their roster.

40. Green Bay Packers (from DEN) – Jaire Alexander CB Louisville

41. Oakland Raiders – James Washington WR Oklahoma State

42. Miami Dolphins – Hayden Hurst TE South Carolina

43. New England Patriots (from SF) – Maurice Hurst DL Michigan

44. Washington Redskins – Billy Price OL Ohio State

45. Denver Broncos (from GB) – Brian O’Neill OT Pittsburgh

46. Cincinnati Bengals – Dallas Goedert TE South Dakota State

47. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from ARZ) – Ronald Jones II USC

48. Green Bay Packers (from LAC) – DJ Clark WR LSU

49. Indianapolis Colts (from NYJ via SEA) – Sony Michel RB Georgia


To Dallas: 53rd ovr pick + 2019 3rd rd pick

To Buffalo: 50th ovr pick + 2019 5th rd pick

            The Bills couldn’t resist the urge to snag another highly graded talent and secure his spot on the roster. Dallas bolsters a good roster and opt to trade back for a decent price to be cashed in next year.

50. Buffalo Bills (from DAL) – Justin Reid DB Stanford

51. Detroit Lions – Harrison Phillips DL Stanford

52. Baltimore Ravens – Ian Thomas TE Indiana

They elect to take yet another offensive weapon in the second round. Thomas is looking more and more like the athletic, Evan Engram type TE that has seen success on other teams. With the players on the board, they will be fielding calls for this pick as well.

53. Dallas Cowboys (from BUF) – Donte Jackson CB LSU

54. Kansas City Chiefs – Quenton Meeks CB Stanford

55. Carolina Panthers – Frank Ragnow OL Arkansas


To Buffalo: 61st ovr + 2019 3rd rd pick

To Jacksonville: 56th ovr + 2019 5th rd pick

            Buffalo trades backs to re-acquire a 3rd rd pick next year as Jacksonville smells blood in the water to trade up and get themselves another star DB to play on a defense littered with Pro Bowlers. Jacksonville feels they must leap frog the teams ahead of them to land such a talent who has dropped lower than expected, and Buffalo is okay moving slightly back as their needs are much larger.

56. Jacksonville Jaguars (from BUF via LAR) – Ronnie Harrison DB Alabama

57. Tennessee Titans – Ogbonnia Okronkwo LB Oklahoma

58. Atlanta Falcons – Josh Sweat EDGE Florida State

59. San Francisco 49ers (from NO) – Mark Walton RB Miami

The Saints traded this pick to get Alvin Kamara, so the 49ers use it to get their own version. Walton is flying up draft boards and is a beneficiary of the success similar backs with similar grades had last season (Kareem Hunt, Alvin Kamara, etc.). Having a back to pair with McKinnon, who can play in the passing game will take pressure off of Jimmy G. They can look to improve their O-Line group in the later rounds.

60. Pittsburgh Steelers – Chukwuma Okorafor OT Western Michigan

61. Buffalo Bills (from JAX) – Nick Chubb RB Georgia

62. Minnesota Vikings – Uchenna Nwosu LB USC

63. New England Patriots – Braden Smith OG Auburn

64. Cleveland Browns (from PHI) – Arden Key DE LSU

Despite off the field issues, the Browns are willing to take their chances on a player with mid-1st rd talent to put opposite of Myles Garrett. They filled their QB, O-Line, and DB needs earlier and now they can trade back with their 3rd rd picks and still acquire some weapons on offense, fill their depth on their defensive units...and who knows what the Giants are going to be doing with Odell Beckham Jr. so this pick along with a couple others could belong to New York by Draft Day.

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Love the first trade for the Bucs. Hate the 1st selection. Unless Edmunds can be a hand in the dirt pass rusher he’s of no use to us. Vita Vea would be a much better pick for us with how the board falls. I like Jackson but I hate the second trade. We need more draft capital not less. I appreciate the effort but this one is kind of a mess for us. Sorry.

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Yeah. LB isn't a need at all. We've already got four good ones. The trade back is awesome though. 

I also think we'd probably just take Jackson at 12.

I don't know what we'd do at 22. Guice, Wynn, and both safeties are gone. In a perfect world, we find a way to move back again. Hernandez and Bryan are options if we stay put.

For our second, Chubb, Reid, Braden Smith, and Penny are all options.

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Love the trade up for Rosen.

Don't follow the train of though at all for trading up to get a S where they have two sure fire starters when they could have stayed at 56 to grab Donte Jackson or Frank Ragnow. Chubb at 61 is a bad choice. OG Branden Smith would be a lock there IMO.

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11 minutes ago, scar988 said:

Trade down, get Taven Bryan AND Josh Sweat? I love it.

Same i would be stocked about this draft and having that 2nd next year to would be fantastic.   I prefer other positions over Edge that early but i like Josh Sweat as a player quite a bit so im not fully against it.  

If we can pull off any of  B.J. Hill, Tim Settle, or Shepherd in round 3 at NT to go along with those 2 picks we would be fully set on our D-line and this draft would be an A+ all across the board.   Then in the 4th get either a TE or Slot WR and call it a day depth from there on building the roster.

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completely struck out on the Dallas picks...A DT in round 1? Dallas does not value the DT position in the 1st round. Most every year for the last 8 years People keep mocking DTs to Dallas in the 1st. Hasnt happened and wont happen...and a CB in round 2? after they just picked 2 last year in rounds 2 and 3 and BJones is moving from S to CB and they have good young guys behind them...how about positions of obvious need...LB OG WR FS DE...Peace

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For Cleveland - Everything passed #1 is not good. Fitz over Chubb or Ward? 2 O-linemen in the 2nd and a turd sammich Keys?!?!? Take Chubb, Address CB, WR and RB in the 2nd. I don't want any O-line that are not named McGlinchey or Williams in the first 2 rounds. If someone is available in the 4th then so be it.

That is all


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