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The Often Overbearing, But Otherwise Ordinary Offensive Line


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I want Elflein at C because I want to continue the history of success we've had at the position. I just don't think Easton will be much more than a temp starter until reinforcements are brought in.

To remind people of the history, let me bring over a post from the old site:


Center is arguably one of the best positions in Vikings history, regarding the number of players who've had strong careers there.

Mick Tingelhoff (17 seasons in Minnesota, started 240 games at C from 1962-1978)
Dennis Swilley (11 seasons in Minnesota, started 101 games at C from 1979-1986)
Kirk Lowdermilk (8 seasons in Minnesota, started 86 games at C from 1987-1992)
Jeff Christy (6 seasons in Minnesota, started 92 games at C from 1994-1999)
Matt Birk (11 seasons in Minnesota, started 123 games at C from 2000-2008)
John Sullivan (8 seasons in Minnesota, started 93 games at C from 2009-2014)

Some games missed were sprinkled in there due to injury or time off, such as Matt Birk's missed season in 2005 and Dennis Swilley missing the 1984 season, but it's still been a pretty impressive run. These six players have accounted for 735 of the team's 854 games all-time (86%). I would love to see Pat Elflein's name added to this list of longevity.

Elflein is the highest drafted on this list since Lowdermilk, another Ohio native who went to school at OSU. Lowdermilk was also drafted in the 3rd round, with the 59th pick in 1985.

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3 hours ago, CriminalMind said:

Hoping for



That is going to be, by far, the best OL combination for the Vikings.  Boone should be benched when he comes back from injury.  He's not nearly as good as Easton or Berger either one.  Assuming Reiff can come back from injury and play at a decent level at LT, and Remmers isn't a turnstile, that OL should be the best in years in MN.  Remmers is the weak link there.  The interior OL of Easton, Elflein and Berger looked really good together.  

That's a fairly young OL there too, aside from Berger.

Reiff 28, Easton 25, Elflein 23, Berger 35, Remmers 28

I saw a mock draft yesterday with the Vikes taking Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame in 1.  You replace Berger with him, and assuming the OTs are decent, you're set for the next few years at least.  The other ND OL, Mike McGlinchey, may be a better pick though, if you could slide Remmers in to G.  

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