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Packers Forum Introduction Thread - Come Introduce Yourself!

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On 1/5/2021 at 8:39 PM, Uffdaswede said:

Zdravo! My wife is slovenian, or a "dobra punčka" as her father used to call her. For Christmas I treated her to three beautiful loaves of potica from the old family recipe.

Welcome to the Packer family. Sorry you missed 2010. Let's try to give you your own Super Bowl memory. This offense is approaching true championship level. The defense is showing signs of being good enough to consider championship possibilities, and the Special Teams need to work harder at not being bad.

Keep in mind as you read the posts on this site that hindsight here is 50/50, we are being dominate deliberately, we kick the tires on every free agent in order to win the Superb Owl, and Norm is a computer generated online bot programmed by the NSA to spy on overseas accounts. I wouldn't interact with him if I were you.

Oh that's nice, hopefully she is being dobra punčka with you as well :) Did you enjoy potica?

Yea, I've heard 2010/2011 was off the charts. I think this is the season we could again challenge for the superbowl since the road goes through Lambeau field and I think Saints/Buccs/Rams/Seahawks are beatable. And in a SB everything is possible.. the offense trully is a machine but I've never had much faith in our defense though this season it's actually decent.


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Cheers Gypsy 1027. In my country american football is not very popular and my friends don't watch it at all.. how great would it be if I had a chance to watch the Packers every sunday with other packs drinking good beer and eating quality food :)

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