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Dee Ford


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So reports are that Dee Ford could be had for as little as a 2nd Round pick.


If this is true, I feel Green Bay should be all over this. I know there could be a bidding war, but maybe 44th and a late round pick?

KC knows the depth of this years edge class, so might be the reason for the report.


Then turn around and give him a 4yr $65mil deal.

He had only one year with Coach Mike Smith, who is now in GB. He absolutely balled out, keep them together.



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It depends. If it is apparent during the legal tampering period next week we are going to completely strike out, I'd consider it for a second.

You are not getting a value contract by trading for Ford since you are paying market rate for him, but you are guaranteeing a really good player, which there is value in.  I'd rather have him for 15 than Preston of Z Smith at 10-13M. Due to the whiffs of 2015 draft class and likely 2017, we are good in cap and are in no danger of losing core pieces. There is like a 98% chance Ford is better than anyone we draft in the second, and the odds of the second being more than just a mediocre starter that is as valuable than their contract is only like 30%.

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5 minutes ago, Arthur Penske said:

I'm not willing to bend over for him, but I'm surprised at the lack of interest in a 27 year old guy ( younger than Mack) who had more sacks and TLF than Mack in 2018.

( Yes I fully realize sacks aren't everything and Mack has had a better career)

He was a contract year guy. I've also heard Chief fans aren't that high on him. That's worrisome.

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