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2020 2 Round Mock (No Trades)


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Draft order based on Westgate Sports Book Projected Win Totals


Round 1

1.  Miami Dolphins  -  Andrew Thomas  -  OT  -  Georgia

2.  Arizona Cardinals  -  Chase Young  -  EDGE  -  Ohio State

3.  New York Giants  -  Jerry Jeudy  -  WR  -  Alabama

4.  Las Vegas Raiders  -  Tua Tagovailoa  -  QB  -  Alabama

5.  Cincinnati Bengals  -  Trey Adams  -  OT  -  Washington

6.  Washington Redskins  -  Bryce Hall  -  CB  -  Virginia

7.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  -  Justin Herbert  -  QB  -  Oregon

8.  Detroit Lions  -  AJ Epenesa  -  EDGE  -  Iowa

9.  Buffalo Bills  -  Laviska Shenault  -  WR  -  Colorado

10.  Denver Broncos  -  Grant Delpit  -  S  -  LSU

11.  New York Jets  -  Kristian Fulton  -  CB  -  LSU

12.  Tennessee Titans  -  Albert Okwuegbunam  -  TE  -  Missouri

13.  Jacksonville Jaguars  -  CeeDee Lamb  -  WR  -  Oklahoma

14.  Carolina Panthers  -  Javon Kinlaw  -  DT  -  South Carolina

15.  San Francisco 49ers  -  Paulson Adebo  -  CB  -  Stanford

16.  Houston Texans  -  Kenny Willekes  -  EDGE  -  Michigan State

17.  Atlanta Falcons  -  Jonathan Taylor  -  RB  -  Wisconsin

18.  Seattle Seahawks  -  Calvin Throckmorton  -  OT  -  Oregon

19.  Baltimore Ravens  -  Dylan Moses  -  ILB  -  Alabama

20.  Dallas Cowboys  -  Jalen Reagor  -  WR  -  TCU

21.  Minnesota Vikings  -  Yetur Gross-Matos  -  EDGE  -  Penn State

22.  Pittsburgh Steelers  -  Walker Little  -  OT  -  Stanford

23.  Green Bay Packers  -  Tee Higgins  -  WR  -  Clemson

24.  Las Vegas Raiders (via CHI)  -  Raekwon Davis  -  DT  -  Alabama

25.  Cleveland Browns  -  Alaric Jackson  -  OT  -  Iowa

26.  Los Angeles Chargers  -  Jake Fromm  -  QB  -  Georgia

27.  Indianapolis Colts  -  Derrick Brown  -  DT  -  Auburn

28.  Philadelphia Eagles  -  Tyler Biadasz  -  OC  -  Wisconsin

29.  Los Angeles Rams  -  Essang Bassey  -  CB  -  Wake Forest

30.  Seattle Seahawks (via KC)  -  CJ Henderson  -  CB  -  Florida

31.  New Orleans Saints  -  Evan Weaver  -  ILB  -  California

32.  New England Patriots  -  Trevon Diggs  -  CB  -  Alabama


Round 2


33.  Miami Dolphins  -  Alohi Gilman  -  S  -  Notre Dame

34.  Arizona Cardinals  -  Trey Smith  -  OT  -  Tennessee

35.  New York Giants  -  Troy Dye  -  ILB  -  Oregon

36.  Chicago Bears (via LV)  -  Tristan Wirfs  -  OT  -  Iowa

37.  Cincinnati Bengals  -  Collin Johnson  -  WR  -  Texas

38.  Indianapolis Colts (via WAS)  -  Michael Divinity  -  EDGE  -  LSU

39.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  -  Bryan Edwards  -  WR  -  South Carolina

40.  Detroit Lions  -  KJ Costello  -  QB  -  Stanford

41.  Buffalo Bills  -  Isaiah Simmons  -  S  -  Clemson

42.  Denver Broncos  -  Nick Harris  -  OC  -  Washington

43.  New York Jets  -  Julian Okwara  -  EDGE  -  Notre Dame

44.  Tennessee Titans  -  Travis Etienne  -  RB  -  Clemson

45.  Jacksonville Jaguars  -  David Woodward  -  SLB  -  Utah State

46.  Carolina Panthers  -  Colby Parkinson  -  TE  -  Stanford

47.  Kansas City Chiefs (via SF)  -  Grant Calcaterra  -  TE  -  Oklahoma

48.  Houston Texans  -  Ke'Shawn Vaughn  -  RB  -  Vanderbilt

49.  Atlanta Falcons  -  Paddy Fisher  -  ILB  -  Northwestern

50.  Seattle Seahawks  -  D'Andre Swift  -  RB  -  Georgia

51.  Baltimore Ravens  -  Jaylon Johnson  -  CB  -  Utah 

52.  Dallas Cowboys  -  JR Reed  -  S  -  Georgia

53.  Minnesota Vikings  -  Nick Coe  -  DT  -  Auburn

54.  Pittsburgh Steelers  -  Henry Ruggs  -  WR  -  Alabama

55.  Green Bay Packers  -  JK Dobbins  -  RB  -  Ohio State

56.  Chicago Bears  -  Tommy Kraemer  -  OG  -  Notre Dame

57.  Cleveland Browns  -  Mustafa Johnson  -  DT  -  Colorado

58.  Los Angeles Chargers  -  Ben Cleveland  -  OG  -  Georgia

59.  Indianapolis Colts  -  Ty Johnson  -  WR  -  Minnesota

60.  Philadelphia Eagles  -  Curtis Weaver  -  EDGE  -  Boise State

61.  Los Angeles Rams  -  Shane Lemieux  -  OG  -  Oregon

62.  Kansas City Chiefs  -  Shyheim Carter  -  CB  -  Alabama

63.  Miami Dolphins (via NO)  -  Donovan Peoples-Jones  -  WR  -  Michigan

64.  New England Patriots  -  Richie Grant  -  S  -  UCF

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i would say the jags picking at 13 means a new regime coming to town and i would expect them to look for a new qb, RB(fournette is on the outs). 

wr i dont view as a need at this current time.  we have Lee, Westbrook, chark all of whom are secure in their roster spot.  conley is an X factor cuz of his athleticism and size while cole seems to have had a bad year after a good year so im not sure which version shows this year.   a guy like Raekwon Davis would make a lot of sense for us with Campeblls age if we dont go qb/rb(taylor seems like a stud but alot of backs look good behind a wisconsin OL). 

round 2 SLB is in no way-shape or form a need.  Josh allen is apparently gonna be playing that position for us and kick down in nickle.   WLB would make more sense but we just invested a 3rd in a guy our team was high on.  i would look at maybe adding a NT, C, RG, CB(if ramsey is on the outs then we gotta start looking for his replacement and if he stays then Bouye is going and we still need a guy opposite of ramsey. 

id probably go Jonathan Taylor and henry ruggs.   

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So have you seen all of these players play yet?  Where did you get this list from if not?  Here are a few thoughts...


1.  Miami Dolphins  -  Andrew Thomas  -  OT  -  Georgia
Really?  I like him but not sure he is good enough to be the #1 pick overall


9.  Buffalo Bills  -  Laviska Shenault  -  WR  -  Colorado
I doubt that he runs that well, talented player but there are much more talented WRs than him, like Lamb, Higgins and Ruggs get drafted over him I feel



11.  New York Jets  -  Kristian Fulton  -  CB  -  LSU
I have never been super impressed with him, sure a highly rated recruit but what is he really outside of that.  He has to show up a lot more I feel to be drafted this high


12.  Tennessee Titans  -  Albert Okwuegbunam  -  TE  -  Missouri
I agree and I like him, I thought he could have been a 1st round pick this past year even with a some what poor season



14.  Carolina Panthers  -  Javon Kinlaw  -  DT  -  South Carolina
I was never super impressed with him, talented player but a top 15 draft pick at DT, I do not think so unless he is a completely different player next year


15.  San Francisco 49ers  -  Paulson Adebo  -  CB  -  Stanford
He is ok, that is about it, has good ball skills but needs a lot of work still and at times disappointed last year after flashing early


19.  Baltimore Ravens  -  Dylan Moses  -  ILB  -  Alabama
Doubt this happens, good player but again he would have to totally transform for this to occur


20.  Dallas Cowboys  -  Jalen Reagor  -  WR  -  TCU
Decent prospect, 1st rounder I do not think so


32.  New England Patriots  -  Trevon Diggs  -  CB  -  Alabama
He would have to greatly improve for this to happen, could argue he has never had a great starting season at CB his entire career.  Talented no question but has to put together a complete season and play at a high level


34.  Arizona Cardinals  -  Trey Smith  -  OT  -  Tennessee
With his health issues I took him off my board, I hope he is ok but those health issues seem life threatening so football might be a complete afterthought 



36.  Chicago Bears (via LV)  -  Tristan Wirfs  -  OT  -  Iowa
On his train like some others are, amazing weight room performances but I am going to hold out a little till he shows it more on the field.  Still his upside does look very promising


39.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  -  Bryan Edwards  -  WR  -  South Carolina
I was disappointed by him last year big time, hope he gets back to form this year


41.  Buffalo Bills  -  Isaiah Simmons  -  S  -  Clemson
He is a OLB prospect and is a 1st rounder all the way, amazing potential and great upside I expect an outstanding year from him this season


42.  Denver Broncos  -  Nick Harris  -  OC  -  Washington
Decent player but is a little small and not sure how elite he could be



47.  Kansas City Chiefs (via SF)  -  Grant Calcaterra  -  TE  -  Oklahoma
Talented yeah but he has a lot of work to do to be a 2nd round pick


48.  Houston Texans  -  Ke'Shawn Vaughn  -  RB  -  Vanderbilt
Not sure this is going to happen


49.  Atlanta Falcons  -  Paddy Fisher  -  ILB  -  Northwestern
He is a 1st rounder all the way, might be a little more old school than most ILBs but plays the game at a high level and kid can play


59.  Indianapolis Colts  -  Ty Johnson  -  WR  -  Minnesota
I like him and he has been productive for awhile, not sure he is a 2nd round talent though but will see


60.  Philadelphia Eagles  -  Curtis Weaver  -  EDGE  -  Boise State
I need to watch more of him, will see how good he actually is



62.  Kansas City Chiefs  -  Shyheim Carter  -  CB  -  Alabama
Doubt he is this good but will see, he is more a mid to late rounder to me


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Interesting Falcons draft although im not sure we actually need either player yet lol.   RB i can possibly see depending on how Freeman comes back but even then im not fully against the pick to save alot of cap space at the RB position if we can cut freeman to save alot of it.  Will have to check in on this to see if he is expendable cap wise without hurting us. 

As for round 2 i actually love the player in Paddy Fisher but i have no clue why we are taking a MLB when we have one of the top 3 to 5 MLB's in the nfl on our team already in Deion Jones.   I know some might say move Jones to WLB but i have always been fully against making a elite player at a position he is already elite at move to a different position as it doesn't always work out and he might not be as good there.  

I will say at some point our D-line really does have to be addressed i thought it would be this year with all the D-line talent coming out but we once again neglected it

I personally might do a  Raekwon Davis or Derrick Brown DT  setup in round 1 followed by a D'andre Swift in round 2 setup to fill team needs better with still very good talent.

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I could probably see the Steelers taking an OT in Round 1 but I really doubt we take another early receiver. We've drafted a second/third round receiver for the past three years with Juju, James Washington, and now Diontae Johnson. Maybe WR is still a need because Washington and Johnson completely flame out but I just don't see it personally. I would look to see the Steelers target an Edge guy early in the next draft unless Bud Dupree really tears it up somehow. Safety is also a position they could target depending on what happens with Sean Davis.

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Maybe a bit early too do a mock this far out.

Miami already has a great LT in Laremy Tunsil so the Thomas pick at #1 doesn't make much sense. Like my brethren above said, Chase Young at DE. 

The other picks make sense though. Reshad Jones and Kenny Stills may not be around this time next year so we're going to need a SS and WR.

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If Detroit is back to picking in the top 10, the offense has to have been a major part of the struggle. If the Lions wanted to move on from Stafford entirely, a June 1st cut is the cheapest option but we're still looking at a $16M dead cap hit with $15.5M of new cap space. It would make more sense to hold onto him until the 2021 off-season. However, if we are back in the top 10 then a QB like Eason is definitely on the board.

Wide receiver is our biggest weakness and would be a key area to address other than QB. A RB that can be a RB1 and work in a committee is also important. Kerryon was solid for us but his health is a question mark. Anderson is a nice addition but we need to add someone long-term. RT and LG could also be options depending on what the Lions choose to do with Glasgow and Ragnow. Frank the Tank was listed as an OC coming into the draft and might be better suited there.

Defensively, we're going to likely need to replace Snacks Harrison and/or A'Shawn Robinson. PJ Johnson was just drafted and should fill one of those spots but we'll need to add another guy to the mix. Some pundits are really high on our 5th rounder Amani Oruwariye while some aren't. If he develops as we hope, we should be in a good spot at corner. If he plays like a 5th rounder, then we'll need to address that spot somewhat early. Linebacker is also a future need.


With all of that being said, Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado and Paddy Fisher, LB, Northwestern seem to be better fits for what you have listed now. If Eason or one of the other QB's available, it's probably going to be him with a year to transition. The key issue is that MP and BQ are on a bit of a hot seat after tossing out Jim Caldwell's perennial 9-7. If the results don't come quickly, they won't be around long to make the selection.

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