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Pick 1 to Underwhelm


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*Bored thread idea.


A superior Football God comes to you and says "you HAVE to choose one of the following players to have a disappointing season." Who are you choosing?


1. RB Nick Chubb
2. WR Odell Beckham Jr.
3. DE Myles Garrett
4. CB Denzel Ward






Also, pick a player on the Browns that you think is going to underwhelm us this year.




Sad thread.

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One of those I would choose: Nick Chubb. Strictly because of the position he plays and the presence of Duke/Hunt/Hilliard

One player who I think will: Sheldon Richardson. This is because his career has been mostly high highs and low lows. Hence why hes on his 4th team in 4 years. Luckily he will be supported by other good players but I dont think he will be any sort of weekly difference maker.

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Nick Chubb, just because:

The RB position needs production, not one guy. Throw in the fact that we get Hunt back and I like the Duke/Hilliard combination enough to get something out of it to go with whatever we'd get out of Chubb, and really we'd just need to weather the storm for half the season. Baker, Denzel, and Myles all are the top 3 most important positions in the NFL in the eyes of most, so I'd like/need pro bowl production out of all of them.

A lack of production from the RB position from one guy in crunch time didn't seem to effect the Rams, Saints, Chiefs, or Patriots last year, and those 4 teams were the 4 best in the league at the end of the year.

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Those 4 all pretty sure talent wise.

No one expecting great numbers from Chubb doesnt mean he's playing bad though.

Ward has to stay healthy.

Myles may not have great numbers if double and triple teamed but that helps the team.

Obj is going to depending on Baker. I still see Baker spreading the ball around to everyone. Then when we face a team like the Ravens he'll lean on obj.

May not have great numbers though. Outside of Ravens and Rams our other wrs should be able to take advantage of extra coverage rolled to obj.

Outside of those guys there is enough depth on the roster to nullify disappointing play by one of the new guys.

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