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Out of the factory of sadness


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classic quotes:


Instead, the Browns had players like No. 1 wide receiver Kenny Britt. Many in the building say he was the worst locker room problem they've ever encountered. Many days, Britt would simply tell the team he wasn't going to practice. Coaches would tell him he, uh, needed to. And then, one source says, he'd "literally just walk."

Even Higgins doesn't hold back. That kind of attitude from that kind of player—a former first-rounder on a $32 million contract—set a terrible standard.

"Coming out here and not wanting to practice and then expect to go to the game and play at full speed?" he says. "It's like, 'Damn, man, You didn't even practice, and you're wondering why you dropped the ball? You might've had it in practice.' Little stuff like that, man."


"I knew it'd go down as one of the worst trades in Green Bay Packers history," Randall says. "Any time I want to feel like I'm on my high horse, I still look back like, Damn, they really traded me for DeShone Kizer? No offense to him, but at the end of the day—c'mon now."


A generation prior, Wolf's father fell in love with Brett Favre, made an extremely unpopular trade for Favre and forever changed the Packers franchise. Now, son was trying to do the same as assistant GM for the Browns. Mayfield had Favre-like red flags in the eyes of evaluators around the league, but the Browns never viewed those flags as actual weaknesses. Height wasn't a concern. His brash style absolutely was not a concern. So what if he planted an OU flag in the middle of Ohio State's field and grabbed his crotch against Kansas? Cleveland found it bizarre that Mayfield was considered risky and Darnold safe when everyone the front office talked to at Oklahoma, from the athletic director to teammates, raved about Mayfield's character—and Darnold was the one with a whopping 36 turnovers in 27 college games.


Thinking back to the stories he heard about veterans not practicing, Landry cringes.

"Just soft and entitled," he says. "I know for me, it was like, 'Yo, you all ain't done nothing.' Nobody here has done anything that where you can pat anybody on the back or take a break or take plays off or whatever. And that culture changed."


Randall first rips the Packers for using him as a cornerback, kindly pointing out that they drafted a safety (Darnell Savage) in the first round a year after shipping him off—"so obviously they didn't do something right—tell 'em I said, 'I appreciate you.'" Then, he rips Gregg Williams, Cleveland's defensive coordinator in 2018, for lining him up "about a mile-and-a-half" from the quarterback at safety. The player who handed a football to Hue Jackson hints he may have something in store for Williams when he picks off Williams' new team, the Jets.


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Some thoughts...

We were all begging for Britt to be cut.  Dunno if it was Sashi or Hue that didn’t step up and do it, but Dorsey wasted no time.

I’m fine with resting vets personally.  Guys like Joe Thomas never practices and will get a gold jacket.  It’s on a case by case basis though.

Gregggg is an idiot.

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45 minutes ago, Bucketheadsdad said:
2 hours ago, Mega Ron said:

That's a fantastic article.

I want to be in Cleveland when we celebrate winning the Superbowl

.....and I want to be in Melbourne when the Geelong Cats win the premiership.  I like the way you think.  

Is wife swap still a show?

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