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It Mafia - The Losers have won, Derry is saved!


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This is not based on the actual story of the book or movie but rather on the lore established in those. Those who have read the books will recognize the story but the characters are pretty much all from my own imagination for the most part. 

F. Forge - Chris Bowers, Losers-Aligned
1. Whicker - Henry Freeman, Losers-Aligned
1. Ragnarok - Julius Tate, Losers-Aligned
1. SwAg - Gerald Sims, Losers-Aligned

Player List:
1. TheKillerNacho - Butch Bowers, Derry-Aligned
2. Counselor - Georgia Hodges, Losers-Aligned
3. Matts4313 - Autumn Page, Losers-Aligned
13. Pickle Rick - Joe Skinner, Derry-Aligned
5. DomeJimmy Hodges, Losers-Aligned
16. The Orca - Pennywise the Dancing Clown, It-Aligned
7. Malfatron - Will Hanlon, Black Spot-Aligned
8. squire12 - Sandy Watkins, Losers-Aligned
10. Mwil23 - Di ck Halloran, Shining-Aligned
11. theuntouchable - Albert GreeneDerry-Aligned
12. bcb1213 - Kevin Newsome, Losers-Aligned
16. Nazgul - Sam Lowell, Losers-Aligned

Day Phase/Class Period Rules:
1. To vote for somebody, type their name out in bold. Votes must be clearly visible to me and the other players (i.e. no white text or hiding it in a quote).
2. Day phase will last roughly 24 hours depending on my discretion. The deadline will be revealed at the beginning of the day phase. 
3. A lynch will occur when a majority vote has been reached or when the deadline has been reached. Once a player has reached a majority, no further votes will count.
4. If there is a tie between players at the end of a deadline, there will be a 1 hour overtime. If there is still a tie at the end of this, there will be a no lynch.
5. You must vote at least once during every day phase. Failure to do this twice in a row will result in your death. Exceptions may be made for day phases that end before the deadline.

Night Phase/Between Periods Rules:
1. Night phases will last 30 minutes following the day phase. Get them in as soon as the day ends or sooner if you won't be there at the end of night. If all abilities are sent in before the deadline, the night will end early.
2. You are allowed to post during the night phase, but do not post any results from that night's actions before the night has ended.
3. If you have a night ability, there will be a format for your night action in your PM. Please use it or stay close enough to it that I can understand it. I will only accept night actions through PM.

General Rules:
1. No editing posts. You will get one warning for this unless you edit a vote, in which case you will be modkilled immediately.
2. Do not communicate with someone about this game outside of the game thread unless given permission.
3. Upon death you are allowed one post. This post cannot contain anything game related.
4. Posting of PMs in any way IS allowed.
5. I reserve the right to change/add/interpret these rules in any way I see fit.
6. I encourage you to send me your reads and wild theories throughout the game.
7. Have fun! This is a game. Play it well, don't rage quit.


@TheKillerNacho, @Counselor, @Matts4313, @Pickle Rick, @Dome, @The Orca, @Malfatron, @squire12, @Forge, @MWil23, @theuntouchable, @Whicker, @bcb1213, @Ragnarok, @SwAg, @Nazgul

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