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ESPN Prepared To Make Tony Romo Highest-Paid Sportscaster In History


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2 hours ago, JBURGE said:

I would really hope Nantz would go with him if this happens. They're great together. 

Can't really see this happening. Nantz has been calling The Masters (and other PGA Tour events) and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament for a long time, in addition to his NFL duties. He's been at CBS since 1985. I don't think they'd let him go without matching any offer. Plus Nantz's true love is golf (he lives on Pebble Beach and makes more money from Titleist than he does from CBS), ESPN would likely have to purchase the PGA Tour broadcasting rights to lure him.

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He should pass.

ESPN is becoming irrelevant for NFL football.

  • 2019 Ratings for MNF are 6.0 to about 8.5
  • Ratings on SNF are 8.6 to 12.9
  • Ratings on Sunday games go as high as 13.0 for CBS and 16.5 for FOX

You can watch every other locally broadcast NFL game over the air or on the NFL App or with Red Zone you can watch the best of the Sunday afternoon action..

I have not paid for ESPN in years and I won't in the future.

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