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Jets 3rd overall pick from 2019 DT Quinnen Williams arrested


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40 minutes ago, marshawn lynch said:

Its very well possible. Especially if its a carry concealed. A carry concealed weapon would lile you forgetting yoy had your wallet in your pocket or your cell phone. Theyre carried everywhere

And there is nothing that says he tried to board a plane with it. He could have been caught with it parking his car for all we know. Maybe security saw hand gun in his car when he pulled into parking garage and asked to see his permit. Or maybe he tried checking it into the airline like most people would with a gun and they checked his permit to confirm it was legal. Every article ive read on matter said it was unclear if he was trying to board the plane with it.

With all due respect, "forgetting" about a concealed weapon is nothing like forgetting about your wallet imo.

But that is fair, we dont know the specifics. But in the unfortunate world we live in today, even showing up to an airport is not very intelligent 

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50 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

You dont 'accidently' take a gun anywhere.

The bigger issue is he was attempting to board a plan with a gun. 

Barry Switzer did it when he was the HC of the Cowboys. Loaded revolver that was unregistered if i recall. He got a fine and probation. 

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4 minutes ago, sherm said:

Barry Switzer did it when he was the HC of the Cowboys. Loaded revolver that was unregistered if i recall. He got a fine and probation. 

Here is my bottom line. Whatever the law says the punishment is, that's what he should get. Nothing more because he is a star and nothing less because he is a star. That's really all I am saying.

The actions, regardless of circumstances, imo, involve a lack of common sense. But we all make stupid mistakes and the one that says they dont probably makes even more of them.

I don't want to see the guys career ruined either over something that more than likely had no malicious intent at all. I'd feel that way about the average joe too. However if his career were ruined, he cant blame anyone but himself.

Having said all of that. My hope is that he takes this as a life lesson.


Also...its the Cowboys...

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7 hours ago, Ragnarok said:

Williams, who was drafted No. 3 overall by the Jets in 2019, had a permit for the weapon, but it was licensed in Alabama, the spokesperson said. Under New York law, it is generally only legal to carry a concealed weapon if it has a New York license. It is unclear if he is being accused of trying to take the gun on the plane.

if I had to guess, he basically just didn't have it registered in the right state.  Probably have to surrender the weapon and a fine.  Maybe not even probation.

Not worried anymore.

Depending on if it was loaded or not might be another issue as well.  I just looked up the Plaxico situation and carrying a loaded firearm in NY without a NY registration has mandatory jail time unless the laws been changed.

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22 minutes ago, THE DUKE said:

Not as bad as I thought it would be from the headlines I saw last night.  Yeah, pretty stupid trying to board an airplane carrying a gun though.

I always amazed at how many people get to the airport and forgot that they had a gun. 

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Might pay a fine and get a suspension at the very worst. 


That being said, what is it with NFL players and guns at airports? This seems to he a recurring theme. It's really not rocket science.

Anyone remember the dude who called in a bomb threat at LAX? Lol 

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