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Former NFL WR Percy Harvin making a comeback?


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5 hours ago, showtime said:

Jesus, I was dreading opening this up.  All I could see on the home page was "Former NFL WR Percy Harvin..."  Just based off how this year has gone, I was expecting to read something awful... glad I was wrong.

On topic:  I wish him the best.  Awesome talent.  I remember him at Florida and he was a dynamic playmaker.  Obviously love him from his time in Seattle during their SB season. 

EDIT:  He's only 31?  Seems like he's been around forever. 

I feel like he hasnt played in over 10 years so him being 31 makes no sense to me

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12 hours ago, Tyty said:

Dude hasn’t accomplished anything since 2012 when he was 24. Skies the limit for him now at 32

I said the same exact thing on Raiders on Raiders forum.  It’s shocking to look back at his stats and realize he never was THAT productive.  I’m talking low level WR2 production.

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20 hours ago, ILoveTheVikings said:

Ran out of money?

Well let's be real, not many jobs out there where he can make mid 6 figures and it wouldn't matter if he was the 53rd man on the roster. I'd try too as a has been.


The minimum for players with one year of experience would jump from $585,000 to around $730,000. And so on up to the 10-year veteran minimum, which is currently scheduled to be $1.045 million in 2020 but would rise to roughly $1.3 million.Feb 19, 2020


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1 hour ago, Uncle Buck said:

Yep.  Not that I actually believe Percy is the better player at this point in time.  OBJ just annoys me that much. 

While I get that Beckham can be annoying, let's not paint out Harvin as some hero - didn't he once throw a weight at Brad Childress?

I'd take OBJ 100 times out of 100.

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