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Predict the Rest of the Season


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Here are my current predictions along with the difference in record between these and my week 1 predictions. (+3) means I now predict team to win 3 more games than I initially predicted. I would say anything more than a +/- 2  difference means I was off on the team and the type of season they would have. Vikings, Seahawks, Jets and Texans I was most wrong on. Cowboys too but obviously that can be chalked up to losing Dak.


AFC East

1. Bills 10-6 (+1)

2. Patriots 7-9 (--)

3. Dolphins 7-9 (+3)

4. Jets 2-14 (-4)

AFC North:

1. Steelers 13-3 (+1)

2. Ravens 11-5 (--)

3. Browns 9-7 (--)

4. Bengals 4-11-1 (-1.5)

AFC South:

1. Titans 11-5 (+2)

2. Colts 10-6 (+2)

3. Texans 5-11 (-5)

4. Jaguars 4-12 (+1)

AFC West:

1. Chiefs 13-3 (+1)

2. Raiders 9-7 (+3)

3. Broncos 7-9 (--)

4. Chargers 6-10 (-1)

NFC East:

1. Eagles 6-10-1 (-2.5)

2. Redskins 5-11 (--)

3. Giants 3-13 (-1)

4. Cowboys 2-14 (-6)

NFC North:

1. Packers 12-4 (+2)

2. Bears 8-8 (+3)

3. Lions 7-9 (-1)

4. Vikings 6-10 (-4)

NFC South:

1. Buccaneers 12-4 (+2)

2. Saints 11-5 (-1)

3. Panthers 8-8 (+3)

4. Falcons 5-11 (-1)

NFC West:

1. Seahawks 13-3 (+4)

2. Rams 10-6 (+1)

3. Cardinals 10-6 (+1)

4. 49ers 9-7 (-2)


Had Steelers vs Chiefs AFCC and 49ers vs Saints NFCC. Sticking with the same pick for the AFC, but changing NFCC to Packers vs Seattle (don't have 49ers in playoffs anymore, have Saints losing in divisional to Seattle).

Chiefs over Packers for the SB.

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Doing that predictor...


AFC East

1. Bills 11-5 (4)

2. Patriots 6-10

3. Dolphins 6-10

4. Jets 1-15

AFC North:

1. Steelers 14-2 (2)

2. Ravens 13-3 (5)

3. Browns 10-6

4. Bengals 5-10-1

AFC South:

1. Titans 11-5 (3)

2. Colts 11-5 (6)

3. Texans 5-11 

4. Jaguars 2-14

AFC West:

1. Chiefs 15-1 (1)

2. Raiders 10-6 (7)

3. Chargers - 6-10

4. Broncos - 5-11

NFC East:

1. Eagles 5-10-1 (4)

2. WFT 5-11

3. Cowboys 4-12

4. Giants 3-13

NFC North:

1. Packers 14-2 (2)

2. Bears 9-7 (7)

3. Vikings 7-9

4. Lions 5-11

NFC South:

1. Saints 13-3 (3)

2. Bucs 12-4 (5)

3. Panthers 6-10

4. Falcons 3-13

NFC West:

1. Seahawks 14-2 (1)

2. Rams 11-5 (6)

3. Cardinals 9-7

4. 49ers 7-9



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AFC East: 
1. Dolphins 10-6 (+2) *3rd Seed
2. Bills 9-7 (0)
3. Patriots 8-8 (0)
4. Jets 1-15 (-1)

AFC North:
1. Ravens 14-2 (+1) *2nd Seed
2. Steelers 14-2 (+3) *5th Seed
3. Browns 10-6 (+3) * 7th Seed
4. Bengals 5-10-1 (+2)

AFC South:
1. Titans 10-6 (+1) *4th Seed
2. Colts 8-8 (-3)
3. Texans 5-11 (-4)
4. Jaguars 1-15 (-1)

AFC West:
1. Chiefs 14-2 (+1) *1st Seed
2. Raiders 10-6 (+6) *6th Seed
3. Chargers 6-10 (0)
4. Broncos 3-13 (0)

NFC East:
1. Eagles 7-8-1 (-2) *4th Seed
2. WFT 5-11 (-1)
3. Giants 5-11 (+4)
4. Cowboys 2-14 (-10)

NFC North:
1. Packers 12-4 (+2) *2nd Seed
2. Bears 11-5 (+4) *6th Seed
3. Vikings 7-9 (-1)
4. Lions 3-13 (0)

NFC South:
1. Bucs 12-4 (+2) *3rd Seed
2. Saints 12-4 (-1) *5th Seed
3. Panthers 6-10 (+3)
4. Falcons 5-11 (-5)

NFC West:
1. Seahawks 13-3 (0) *1st Seed
2. Cardinals 11-5 (0) *7th Seed
3. Rams 10-6 (+1)
4. 49ers 8-8 (-3)

1. Ravens vs Browns
2. Dolphins vs Raiders
3. Titans vs Steelers

1. Packers vs Cardinals
2. Buccaneers vs Bears
3. Eagles vs Saints

1. Ravens vs Dolphins
2. Chiefs vs Steelers

1. Seahawks vs Bears
2. Packers vs Saints

1. Chiefs vs Ravens

1. Seahawks vs Packers

SB 🦉
1. Ravens vs Packers

Ravens route: The Ravens benefit these playoffs by feasting on two rookie playoff teams in the Browns and Dolphins who just weren’t ready yet. The first that they’re incredibly comfortable with as a divisional opponent. The second a team who is just overwhelmed after “upsetting” the veteran Raiders in a tight down to the wire, physical battle won by a GWD from Tua resulting in a short FG.

Further the Ravens also benefit from the Steelers and Chiefs having an incredibly physical matchup that leaves the Chiefs a little damaged and bruised as a result. The Ravens in this bizarro playoffs get the Chiefs monkey off their back in march towards the SB. The Ravens defense matches up well with the Packers weapons and shouldn’t have to go as much zone. However their creative playcalling keeps them in the game. Surprisingly Jackson summons the energy of playoff Flacco from his gold rap chain that he’s been saving for just this moment and imbued with the energy of Joe Cool, it allows him to put together a great performance and his first SB win. Haters focus on the fact that he threw an interception to reveal that Jackson is trash and won’t be in the league within another 5 years... The media will ask dumb questions like, “has Lamar surpassed Mike Vick.” To which they will respond... “he still needs to do a little more.” FFMD has another 10 Lamar Jackson comparison threads prior to next season.

On the other side the Packers benefit from a similar rookie playoff squad in Arizona. Murray performs well enough in his first outing, but Rodgers feasts for a career record performance. The Saints after feasting on the Eagles, look like a completely unprepared team against the Packers to start. They lead a comeback late in the game, but a controversial call from the refs seal their fate as the most ref hated playoff team in NFL history. Onto the NFCCG with the Seahawks, great game. However similar to the Chiefs the Seahawks find themselves a little damaged after the physical battle with the Bears. They win, but DK Metcalf playing through an injury limits him and the team is simply not strong enough at that point to hang with playoff Rodgers.

As explained above, the combination of the Ravens defense matching up well, forcing a few turnovers, and the Ravens run game keeping playoff Rodgers from activating as he did on his way to the game provide them the victory. Ravens put together a back breaking drive for 7 late in the 4th to put the game away in a result that was far closer than the scoreboard would suggest, 34-23.


Aside: Yeah, I went fully detailed. Why not? As long as we’re making predictions might as well go big or go home, right?

edit: Previous prediction had playoffs going...

Steelers over Bills, Chiefs over Texans, and Colts over Titans. Then Ravens over Steelers and Colts over Chiefs. Then Ravens over Colts. NFC was Saints over Falcons, Cowboys over Cardinals, 49ers over Packers. Then Seahawks over 49ers and Cowboys over Saints. Seahawks over Cowboys. Ravens over Seahawks... never not going to pick me team when we’ve got a shot.

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17 minutes ago, BayRaider said:

Finishing 9-0, and then 3-0 in playoffs to win Super Bowl, yeah that's not homer post of the year...

Who cares, with playoff predictions, why would I NOT choose my team to win it all?😂 

And finishing 9-0? How is that somehow a “homer” concept. They went 6-1 to close out 2018 with a rookie Lamar and a far worst defense. They went 12-0 to close out last season with a better offense, but worse defense. And the team is 24-5 with Lamar at QB. Where are all theas L’s that I’m supposed to be predicting this team to take to close out the regular season?

Could they drop a few games? Sure they could. This is the NFL where it’s Any Given Sunday. Same way the Steelers and Chiefs also could drop a few more games than I predict. All three are teams I considered to be great/elite teams in the AFC.

But for our schedule you’ve got Colts, Titans, Steelers, Browns, and as a divisional rival MAYBE the Bengals as the most likely we’re to lose in. 

Of those, the Ravens geared their defense specifically to stopping teams like the Titans, Colts, and Browns that love to pound the rock and then go PA off of it. They blew the Bengals out earlier in the year, so I’m not shaking in my boots at playing them again either.

The Steelers, they could win, they could lose. I would’ve said the same about the first matchup and I’m sure the Steelers fans will say the same EXACT thing. It could go either way. These teams when at their best always somehow find a way to split the division games against one another.

So as opposed to complaining about another’s predictions, how about you post your own? Because acting as if there’s no precedent for the Ravens finishing strong to close out seasons is like more nonsensical than the assumption that they won’t close out the season strong. Had we beat the Steelers, I would’ve predicted a Thanksgiving humbling loss. Because I fully expected to split regardless.

So again, how about you tell me all the teams we lose to instead.

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Heck I’ll just post the Ravens schedule here for you and everyone else to analyze over. It’s not quite as easy as the Steelers, but certainly also not a death row of squads:
Ravens @ Colts
Ravens @ Patriots
Titans @ Ravens
Ravens @ Steelers
Cowboys @ Ravens
Ravens @ Browns
Jaguars @ Ravens
Giants @ Ravens
Ravens @ Bengals

Besides the Colts, Titans, Steelers, and Browns as the most serious threats, which of these teams are a serious threat to hand us the L?

And again, considering the Ravens have shown to have the best run defensive DVOA in the league, 3/4 of those teams will be going up strength for strength. Granted with Marlon on the COVID-19 list, if he doesn’t recover, perhaps some of these games begin to look more lose able, but this isn’t last season’s defense that was the 21st best unit that the Titans exposed thoroughly in the playoffs. A commitment was made to stop the Browns and Titans rushing attacks and the defense has definitely added the personnel to do it. So if we lose, it’ll likely be because we couldn’t stop them from passing the ball... sort of like how the Titans almost beat the Steelers rush defense that is on a similar level to ours. The Titans struggled because they couldn’t FTMP get that run game activated... and they’ll face the same challenges in our game later this season. Now the Ravens also add Yannick Ngakoue as someone that can get to Tannehill/Mayfield and it only improves our chances in both games.

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This is a week by week thing of course, but I only see 5 teams right now that I trust to make the Super Bowl






And even some of those teams still have some questions or things to prove. We will see if teams like the Titans, Ravens, Bills, Saints, Cards, and Rams can bounce back or show me more as we move into the 2nd half of the season

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I suck at picking upsets so I had 2 14-2 teams in the NFC and 5 12-4 or better teams in the NFC.

I had the Steelers starting 12-0 however they faltered down the stretch and finished 13-3 behind the also 13-3 Kansas City Chiefs. The 13-3 Ravens were only able to secure the 3rd seed.

In the playoffs the Steelers and Chiefs faced off in the AFCCG while the Saints and Bucs played the NFCCG after the Saints went to Seattle and upset the Seahawks in the divisional round. Ultimately the Chiefs and Bucs played in the SB with the Bucs winning.


The only difference from my preseason pick was here Chiefs instead of Steelers in the SB. The reason is that I couldn't pick the Steelers to win at KC. I think they will need the #1 seed and the bye week to do it.

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Theres only 3 contenders: The Bucs,  Chiefs, and the Seahawks.

The darkhorse contenders are the Bills and Saints. Thats it. Steelers aren't contenders without Devin Bush, Packers don't have enough depth or top end talent, and the Ravens need more than 1 talented WR to be a threat not to mention their OL isn't what it was last year.

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4 hours ago, Kirill said:

Theres only 3 contenders: The Bucs,  Chiefs, and the Seahawks.

The darkhorse contenders are the Bills and Saints. Thats it. Steelers aren't contenders without Devin Bush, Packers don't have enough depth or top end talent, and the Ravens need more than 1 talented WR to be a threat not to mention their OL isn't what it was last year.

You knocked the Steelers from contention because of 1 player yet list Seattle who has possibly the worst defense in the league (Dallas)? 

Every team you listed could or can beat the 3 you listed. There is more then 3 SB Contenders especially how quickly things can change in the next 8 weeks with injuries or health.

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