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Spinning Tires: Steelers 2021 Offseason and Beyond...


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Thinking outside the box, anyone can sign JJ after 5 today IIRC. With Pouncey retiring and being released, if we do the same with Vance, we can technically give JJ a big signing/roster bonus for the 2020 league year and have him make the minimum on a 2 year deal basically covering 2021. 

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2 hours ago, jebrick said:

He would last longer as part of a rotation.  If he wants to win he will not look to Pittsburgh.  If he wants the chance to play with his brothers it is the only game in town

We wont sign him.   Would be cool, but it would irresponsible, and JJ should go somewhere to win.

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Other teams can offer more, but no one can offer his brothers. 

Will be interesting to see what that means to them. IMO it means family sacrifice - probably mainly from TJ. A la, if JJ is worth $15m (example, I’m not looking up his real value now) maybe he takes $10m per and instead of a $30m contract TJ takes $25m. That’s a $10m per family discount but if they wanted desperately to play together, maybe it’s an option. 

There’s a 5% chance JJ is a Steeler, but boy am I here for it. 

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