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Round 1: Pick #29; Eric Stokes, CB, Georgia


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5 minutes ago, Norm said:

Walter was already for a bit. There was definitely worse. Some of the packer centric ones were so trash. Guys with the football iq of my niece acting like they were Ron Wolf. There was this guy somewhere that exclusively talked about Mason Crosby even before that big down year. Among other things, just not enough people to keep morons in check though

Yeah, I tend to avoid team only forums.

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2 minutes ago, incognito_man said:

Worth it

Actually as much as I'd never be a mod that is a decent offset tbh. Does "sodomy" count though. I don't know the rules. 

I have a mod joke that I really said once but it's not quite 2022 kosher even though I still did it as a joke and it's really not prejudice. But it got me a ban too. Mods here so decent compared to others. Damn saints overall tbh

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Just now, waterfish_21 said:

Can one of the analytics people here do a review of all these posts to verify or refute this statement.  

I have a 99.4 pff score and incog has a 99.1 but he was always going to be a bust as poster so it doesn't matter

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