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Week 3 Leadup: 49ers on SNF


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10 hours ago, Refugee said:

I watched some of SF’s game vs PHI.  They used a lot of bunch formations, getting the ball out short and looking for yac as you would expect from a Shanahan Offense. I wanted to see that from us and we had a few nice ones to Tonyan and of course swinging it to  33 and getting him behind some blockers is always a good idea so I felt better after the Det game.  

The thing is, this kind of offense needs all the moving pieces to be working and SF still did not blow me away with their execution. PHI is nasty up front so I don’t think we can replicate that pressure but I think we might have an edge in coverage. We will need to get a few stops because our offense will have its work cut out for itself against a real D. 

I think the home team has the advantage but I don’t think it’s by as much as many think. Time to get one on the road!

Yep. Packers tackling gonna be stressed like hell this game....which explains why Shanny offenses have absolutely shredded them over the years

Look where Jimmy G is on that chart


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1 minute ago, gopackgo972 said:

We match up poorly vs SF at almost every position. 

Imagine Kevin King matched up vs Deebo Samuel or Brandon Aiyuk. 


chris tucker bike GIF

Brandon Aiyuk, the guy who Shanahan came out and said it not ready for prime time yet? Give me a break.

I understand the pessimism over the game, but it's turning into hysteria. 

We have to do 3 things to win:

1. Win the turnover battle. This is doable.

2. Get the ball out on time. Less than a 50% chance Rodgers does this and their pass rush is legit but their CB's SUCK! Our WR's should be like 7-eleven, always open.

3. Slow down their run game and make Jimmy G beat us. If Sermon isn't playing (concussion protocol) they are on their 5 string RB. If he is, he's a rookie with very little NFL action. 


The biggest mismatch in this game is our WR against their CB. The second is their OT's against our EDGE rushers. 

I think we show up a lot more than people are giving us credit for. Second half Monday was something to build on. The 49ers are not as good in the interior O-line as the Lions. Before you dismiss that idea, take a look. I'd take the Lions guys every time. 

Jonah Jackson - Frank Ragnow - Halapoulivaati Vaitai

Laken Tomlinson - Alex Mack - Daniel Brunskill

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24 minutes ago, gopackgo972 said:

We match up poorly vs SF at almost every position. 

Imagine Kevin King matched up vs Deebo Samuel or Brandon Aiyuk. 


chris tucker bike GIF

You have allowed imaginary boogie men to invade your mind. 

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This is the most predictable loss of the year and I'd be saying it even if we won in Week 1. The fact is that Shanny has our number, period. It'll be another 30 point blowout until we MAY muster something together with Jordan Love in garbage time when Aaron/MLF stop trying 15-20 yard out routes every play. Then we get to hear all the pundits like Colin Cowherd blame Aaron for the loss rather than remembering that our run D hasn't been able to consistently stop a nosebleed since maybe 2016? Sparing that fluke against Derrick Henry in the snow last year, of course. 


1 hour ago, NFLGURU said:

The Niners will punch the Packers in the mouth.  The Packers will say "Thank you, may I have another?"

You cant fake tough, but the Packers will try for the first quarter.


Joe Barry's familiar with the 9ers given that he was a coach with the Rams you say? SF beat them twice last year chucking the ball to Deebo and Kittle, not running the ball. Joe Barry can send 5 at Janeane Garafolo, I mean Jimmy Garappolo, and he'll just chuck it to Kittle unless Kevin King is matched-up against Deebo(which probably will happen). 

While we've been punched in the mouth early on in previous years, we're more athletic at ILB so I doubt you'll see jet sweeps and sideline-to-sideline plays unless they're able to open that up off the get-go. On the other hand, I'm willing to venture that they'll pass to set up the run executing misdirection plays away from Kenny early on when they do call a running play. If our defense stuffs them a couple times, they'll play-action pass to Kittle a bunch; score that way to wear down our front-7 and then give us a heavy dose of Elijah Mitchell in the 2nd half off B-gap.

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