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Grade the Packers Draft

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Grade the Packers draft  

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  1. 1. OK the pickin' is done! How'd we do in your opinion?

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Fair B. 

Some stuff to like. Some stuff is meh. Love Tom. Love the first rounders, especially Wyatt. Think Gute must have had him high to ignore some of the age ‚Äėrestrictions‚Äô but then¬†again he had a¬†Covid year.¬†

I hope Watson grows on me. Little too much for me with the trade up. We’ll see. Would love to be wrong. UCLA kid is good. Classic mid rounder. Like the double dip on DT. Feel like 3 OL again is a little rich. Concerns about the teams view at LT - Baks longevity with his contract and injury and I love the guy but this is what happens on a third contract. Would have preferred Shakir instead of Doubs. Splitting hairs tho. 

Fully expect a vet EDGE after UDFA. An older guy a la Hughes, Houston or Ingram. Wonder what Barry likes. Maybe we add a TE. Think we roll the dice with our WR and DB rooms. 

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Grading the draft right now is fruitless.  Quay was out of left field but understand what they are trying to do.  Wyatt probably my favorite pick of the draft.  Watson I think will have an immediate impact.  Could develop into one of the top WR's in the class or not.  With Rodgers and the scheme think he'll set Packer rookie records for production.  Doubs and Toure were real nice adds as well.  Both those guys could make the 53.  Think this trio will be much better than the last trio we took.   Addressed the line again with 3 picks.  Like them all.  Was concerned about not getting an pure OT but they fixed that with Walker who had no business falling that far.  Carpenter was an interesting pick.  ST and hybrid.  Ford sounds like a worthy developmental guy.  With who is in front of him he'll be on the PS.  Enagbare who knows?  One of those guys makes me lukewarm which means he'll probably become a pro bowler.  

Knee jerk I'll give it an A-.  Every guy is great. Now the pragmatic side tells me out of the 11 maybe 3-4 will ultimately stick.  

I really do like this draft.  This might end up being one of Gutenheimers best yet.  Watching him work is a thing of beauty. 

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Solid B

Quay Walker -- I did not put much time into LB with the re-signing of Campbell.   The more I looked and read on Walker, I think he is a versatile piece for the D.   If he can provide some pass rush options to add some level of confusion for the OL that will go a long ways to boosting this class. 

Devonte Wyatt -- love the pick.   Not concerned with the age if he can come in and contribute 50-60% snaps in year 1, that lessens the issue of a later prospect for a win now team.   Been looking for a boost on the IDL and this should be it.  

Christian Watson -- I think he has the highest upside at WR in the class.  tough to give up the 2 picks, but I think he was strongly considered at 28, so that makes sense to get your guy.  These type of WR traits are rare and the production matches.  

Sean Rhyan -- Solid pick, should be a contributor/depth piece at OG.   don't see him as an OT option unless it is an emergency

Romeo Doubs -- Like the pick and the value.  I was a bit sour on him after the senior bowl 1 on 1 drills.   hope that was just a fluke vs a sign of facing better competition

Zach Tom -- this dude is a great pick.  Super versatile and might be an option as a future LT in the waiting

Kingsley Enagbare -- nothing pops for me with him.  I get the production in college, but I have my doubts it will show in the NFL.  hope he can be a rotational 3/4 EDGE

Tariq Carpenter/Jonathan Ford/Rasheed Walker/Samori Toure -- back end of the roster and special teams/PS type options for development.  Carpenter makes the 53 for special teams.   the others will have a hard road to do so given the depth at their respective positions

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43 minutes ago, Packerraymond said:

A lot of my guys were picked, which begs the question, have you ever seen Gute and I in the same room?? ūü§Ē

If you won the ******* game I'm gonna to be pissed

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