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Where does Kevin Durant go?

brownie man

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I think this deserves its own thread. 

I honestly think my Cavs have a serious shot. 

I think we could make a package of Collin Sexton, Caris Levert, Lauri Mark, and say 3 first rounders for KD. 

I just don’t think there are many teams that can make that young capital. Especially without a no trade clause. I think my Cavs have a great shot. 

when you look at what type of package you could bring in to surround Ben Simmons with the right supporting cast a trade with cleveland makes a ton of sense, and without a no trade clause I can see it happening. 

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23 minutes ago, catcheryea said:

you would absolutely have to include mobley if you're in any way serious about this

Nahhh no way. Mobley ain’t going nowhere. 

Don’t need to. What’s a realistic package a team could put out better than the one I suggested?

Maybe the Pelicans with Zion but the boy don’t even play. Now you got Zion and Ben not playing. 

I’d like to see some realistic packages Brooklyn would want. I think the Cavs could put a packages at least as good as any other without including Garland Mobley or Allen.

Your limited to how many teams can financially do this along with who’s got actual attractive pieces that they’re willing to give up. 

I see the Cavs as a dark horse but I think our package could be as attractive as any other realistic one. 

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1 hour ago, catcheryea said:

ok then this is just a fantasy because they nets aren't trading kevin durant for 3 guys who will never be all stars

Sexton can definitely be an all star. I actually expect him to be an all star for sure. Maybe not perennial but I definitely think if he gets the opportunity to start he’ll get one eventually. 

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He's going to Phoenix. It'll be Ayton (or the assets they get from a 3rd team for Ayton if they don't want to max him), Bridges, possibly Johnson, and every FRP and pick swap they can trade. Bet that gets it done, especially since I think the Nets, being a team in a huge market with the ability to rebound quickly, would not mind the win now players, re-collecting of their FRPs, and want to maintain good player relations by giving KD where he wants.

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6 hours ago, bigbadbuff said:

Tbh give me the farm or KD can sit tf out. The Nets are gonna suck if they get back a mediocre package anyways, so might as well just embrace the tank and stick it to him if you aren’t getting back a better than AD return. 

It serves no benefit for the Nets to tank. They have the pieces to be competitive especially you couple the current roster with the compensation you get from KD. 

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I think Denver makes a lot of sense.

Denver receives: Kevin Durant

Brooklyn receives: Michael Porter, Jr., Bones Hyland, Zeke Nnaji 

If MPJ wasn't such an injury worry then it'd be a home run for Brooklyn. But he has superstar potential and they get two other good youngsters.

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