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Josh Oliver Signs 3 Year Deal With Vikings


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In terms of how I look at it role wise he likely replaces C.J Ham removing a FB from being used at all and will likely play more snaps overall so factor the 3 million we get cutting Ham from Oliver's own first year salary.

Though he may not replace Ham from a special teams stand point the loss could be felt there.

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This guy is a freaking dude physically, awesome to have a physical force and presence on the football team again.  Hopefully they can get that on defense as well.  






Only negative is, the TE class is crazy deep and they could have got a TE in the 3rd or 4th round that could possibly do what Josh Oliver can and pay him way less money and spend some of that 3 year $21 mil on another position that is harder to fill.  



I do have Kraft going at a point the Vikings could not get him in the 3rd.  He would be the ideal guy but is a gamble if he would be there.  He could be a great blocking TE in the NFL.  Then the rest of these guys who could be around round 3 and down, Strange I think could be a decent blocker, same with Vokolek but both do get hurt a bit.  Willis is tough but not as big of a TE and Allen is super tall but not a great blocker.


Tucker Kraft South Dakota State RS SOPH TE

Travis Vokolek Nebraska RS SR TE

Luke Schoonmaker Michigan SR TE

Brenton Strange Penn State RS JR TE

Davis Allen Clemson SR TE

Brayden Willis Oklahoma RS SR TE


So getting a legit blocker is cool to commit to that, just hope guys like Kraft do not fall because he would have been the much cheaper option and could be a great pro.  Nice to have the security of the #1 blocking TE in the NFL and the dude is an adonnis.  

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4 hours ago, vike daddy said:


What? you mean this might be a strategic move to increase flexibility and ability of the team, and not just something random done by incompetent football execs?

Who said random? Who said incompetent? This is exactly the kind of post that discourages any criticism. 

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